Why Beach House

Why Beach House?

The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is love and connection. At Beach House, we show you another way to live, by integrating a commitment to clinical excellence and the use of evidence-based practices with an emphasis on the healing power of love and connection. The result is our signature formula for freedom from addiction: People. Purpose. Passion.

Find freedom from drugs and alcohol on our beautiful, 5.3-acre campus in Juno Beach, Florida. Our state-of-the-art addiction treatment facility is nestled within 50 acres of beach preserve, providing a secluded, calming setting for your recovery journey. Wake up with early morning beach runs and take advantage of our pool during your stay with us. We’re excited to show you what makes Beach House special.

Our Philosophy of Clinical Excellence

We want to be known nationwide as a leading model for clinical excellence. The following best practices embody our philosophy of clinical excellence, and are helping us achieve this overall objective:

Discover what’s priceless—a future free of addiction, starting today:

Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment Practices

In addition to these distinctive programmatic features of the Beach House experience, we utilize a number of evidence-based practices. These include:

The Beach House Pledge – People, Purpose, and Passion

At Beach House Center for Recovery, freedom from addiction is your future, starting today.

That’s because we believe anyone can find lasting freedom from substance abuse with the help of three essential components to effective drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatmentPeoplePurpose, and Passion. These three elements underlie our treatment center’s approach to helping clients move successfully from detox to full rehabilitation and lasting freedom.

The latest studies show addiction is as much a disease of alienation and disconnection — from others and from one’s self — as it is a medical diagnosis requiring professional treatment. Which means the opposite of addiction is not just sobriety or white-knuckled abstinence: the opposite of addiction is love and connection.

Connection with a community of people who will walk with you and your loved ones over the long haul of treatment and recovery, and who know just how to help. And a connection with the person you were meant to be, as someone freed from addiction in order to be free for a unique, higher purpose and a more meaningful and life-giving passion…

First, People. Only the right people can help you find freedom from addiction. Our treatment center’s experienced clinicians are nationally sought-out experts in the field of addiction recovery. As highly trained professionals certified in addiction treatment, they apply the latest innovations and evidence-based, best practices from the field of substance abuse care to one over-arching goal: helping you fully recover within the safety and support of a warm and caring community.

Next, Purpose. A sense of life purpose and meaning makes lasting freedom from addiction more attainable, groundbreaking research says. You’re alive for a reason – and it’s not to abuse drugs or alcohol. You’ve been made to live for so much more. At Beach House, we help you, as the one-of-a-kind person you are, with strengths, a story and a future free from addiction, discover what that purpose is. In fact, that’s our purpose. It’s why we do what we do here at Beach House. That’s right, our entire purpose is to help you find yours so that you can create a life you are proud of – a life worth living.

Last, Passion. Passion makes recovery from addiction more than joyless abstinence from drugs or alcohol. What makes your heart sing and gives you life, energizing you for your life’s unique purpose: that’s “passion.” And it’s ours — for you. Helping you discover and nurture that zeal for living so that you can draw on it for a lifetime of freedom from addiction, is the third focus of our state-of-the-art substance abuse care.

People. Purpose. Passion. Your future free from addiction is waiting here at Beach House. Find Freedom.