At Beach House, we aim to provide a nurturing environment that fosters healing—where residents feel safe talking about their experiences and getting to know other residents. To achieve this goal, our Florida treatment center offers gender-specific services and accommodations on the Beach House campus. We provide a healthy, safe space for men and women to disconnect from trauma or unhealthy boundaries they may have with the opposite gender. This approach is aligned with our philosophy, which encourages a culture of connection.

It is common for addiction treatment facilities to be mixed-gender; women and men participate in meetings, educational programs, and group therapies together. This system allows patients to develop socialization skills that are appropriate for diverse circumstances and build relationships with patients across genders.

While this approach is generally beneficial, patients experiencing trauma or issues relating to gender concerns might respond more readily to gender-specific treatment.

At Beach House, we recognize that addiction and co-occurring disorders are sometimes exacerbated by issues related to gender. Our team of addiction care specialists, mental health clinicians, and psychiatric providers has cultivated a treatment approach that blends co-ed programs with gender-specific inpatient accommodations.

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment for Women

Gender differences in substance use are increasingly recognized by addiction specialists and mental health professionals. Women in treatment frequently struggle with a variety of challenges. While the following issues aren’t exclusive to women, they are frequently present in women seeking treatment:

  • Unmanaged or unidentified behavioral addictions
  • Poor self-image
  • Hormonal fluctuations

Additionally, women are more likely to have greater sensitivity to substances due to hormonal influences. Women experiencing Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) are also at higher risk of alcohol misuse than the general population.

While men and women experience addiction and co-occurring disorders differently due to biological factors, there are also cultural and societal issues that contribute to substance use disorders in women. Societal issues that tend to influence substance use and access to treatment for women include the following:

  • Domestic abuse
  • Fear of accessing treatment before or after pregnancy due to legal or societal consequences
  • Difficulty accessing treatment due to childcare obligations

At Beach House, we have developed programs that address the biological and social contributors to substance misuse in women, helping patients navigate treatment in a compassionate, nurturing, and — most importantly — safe environment.

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment for Men

Men are statistically more likely to misuse substances and develop dependency than women. Men are also more likely to experience co-occurring antisocial personality disorders and die from an overdose or substance-related causes.

At Beach House, we strive to address the highly nuanced facets of substance use disorder in men. We develop treatment programs that allow male patients to adjust their perspective about addiction and receiving treatment. Our highly experienced team of clinicians encourages patients to participate in therapy and counseling, and we foster a safe environment where patients can discuss their addictions and struggles without judgment.

Beach House Center for Recovery: Compassionate Gender-Specific Treatment

At Beach House, we believe the opposite of addiction is love and connection. We work every day to create an inclusive environment that is sensitive to the unique needs of a diverse patient population. From personalized inpatient treatment to continuing care with flexible outpatient options, we provide an integrated program designed to address the complex nature of addiction and help patients achieve long-term freedom from addiction.

To learn more about our gender-specific treatment approach, please contact our compassionate admissions counselor today.