At Beach House Center for Recovery, we partner with you or your loved one to achieve a successful recovery and find freedom from addiction. Our compassionate approach has helped us become a statewide leader in substance use disorder treatment.

The opposite of addiction is not sobriety – the opposite of addiction is love and connection.

We are proud to offer a brand-new, state-of-the-art addiction treatment facility in the heart of gorgeous Juno Beach, Florida, within a mile from beautiful coastline with sunrise meditations. Our extensive campus features a comprehensive suite of addiction care facilities, including our medically supervised detox clinic, the residential rehabilitation center, fitness center and café.  Our patients can easily and comfortably transition between levels of care while staying within our secure community.

Our treatment campus is a homey, safe, and welcoming facility that provides a tranquil oasis for whole-person healing, fellowship, and positivity.

At Beach House, we realize that everyone’s recovery journey is different. We offer flexible, tailored treatment protocols that address addiction’s numerous emotional, physical, and spiritual facets.

The Beach House team is an incredible group of addiction care specialists, mental health clinicians, and psychiatric and medical care providers committed to providing customized treatment programs to address your unique needs. Our dedicated staff is certified in the latest evidence-based addiction treatments. They develop, measure, and enhance therapeutic alliances, which most strongly predict positive treatment outcomes.

At Beach House Center for Recovery, we believe everyone can find freedom from addiction. Discover what’s priceless—a future free of addiction, starting today.

Mission and Vision

At Beach House, People, Purpose, and Passion are the three pillars of recovery.

Our guiding principles set us apart from other treatment centers – we prioritize the human elements of addiction. We are imperfect, complex, full of potential, and completely deserving of love and connection.

Our Leadership Team

The entire Beach House team is supported by experienced leaders that are nationally recognized experts in addiction recovery. With addiction treatment certification and decades of experience, they employ clinicians, specialists and providers versed in evidence-based treatment modalities that deliver the best chance of full recovery.


Every client we serve receives outcomes-based care as part of our philosophy of clinical excellence. Our commitment to providing exceptional care led to our obtaining the Center of Excellence & Behavioral Health Certification, which assures patients and their families that we are dedicated to providing transparent, science-backed treatment protocols.


A third-party data collection and analysis of Beach House treatment outcomes reveals how our client-directed, outcome-based drug and alcohol addiction treatment compares with our competitors nationwide.


Every patient we serve receives compassionate care as part of our philosophy of love and connection. We are extraordinarily proud of our alumni community. We are honored and humbled by their stories of self-discovery.

Addiction Blog

Education is an essential element in addiction recovery. Our blog provides the latest information about treatment protocols, outcomes, and management strategies.


If you want to partner with Beach House to pursue a fulfilling career in holistic, evidence-backed addiction treatment, please  visit our Career Center to explore current opportunities. We look forward to discovering passionate candidates to help us with our mission!

We can show you another way to live. To learn more about our unique approach to addiction treatment, please get in touch with our helpful admissions counselor today.