If you or a loved one is struggling with active alcohol use or substance use disorder, help is available.

At Beach House Rehab Center, we recognize that addiction treatment is a complex, dedicated process requiring continual support, medical supervision, and clinical expertise. 

Inpatient addiction treatment is the most effective solution for people battling long-term substance use disorders. That’s where we offer comprehensive and personalized residential addiction treatment. 

Our inpatient drug rehab center in Florida is a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility one mile from the coastline. We offer sunrise beach meditations and compassionate inpatient treatment for addiction. 

Staffed with highly trained addiction experts and medical professionals, we offer superior outcomes based on long-term recovery goals for patients with addiction disorders.

Continue reading to learn more about our inpatient addiction treatment center.

What is Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Inpatient treatment at Beach House is an intensive therapeutic intervention designed to address the root causes of alcohol and substance use disorders. 

We offer clinical expertise and compassionate care for substance use disorders and their underlying co-occurring mental health concerns.

With effective therapies that yield superior outcomes over standalone outpatient treatment, our comprehensive inpatient drug rehab center helps patients develop effective coping mechanisms that can be applied successfully in real-world circumstances long after their stay with us is over.

Our inpatient addiction treatment center programs are custom-designed for each patient. We partner with our patients to uncover the most effective programs for their unique needs, health issues, and histories of substance misuse.

The following are some of the benefits of our inpatient alcohol and drug rehab in Florida:

  • Low patient-to-therapist ratio (7:1) that allows for dedicated, one-on-one care
  • Patient-centered and experienced medical and clinical professionals
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Intensive, evidence-supported clinical interventions
  • A modern campus located one mile from the beautiful Juno Beach coastline
  • Sunrise beach meditations
  • Access to 12-step recovery programs
  • 24/7 one-on-one medical monitoring for clients when appropriate

What are Some of the Benefits of Residential Addiction Treatment?

Inpatient addiction treatment provides an immersive, supportive, and focused environment that fosters comprehensive healing and equips individuals with the tools needed for lasting recovery.

Some of the benefits of inpatient alcohol and drug rehab at our Florida facility include:

  • 24/7 support and structure
  • Intensive therapy that focuses on individual counseling, group therapy, and evidence-based treatments
  • A full escape from triggers and stressors to concentrate solely on recovery
  • Peer support
  • Medical supervision
  • A focus on self-care
  • Reduced risk of relapse
  • A safe healing environment
  • Acquiring a toolkit of strategies and increased confidence to successfully transition to independent living and long-term recovery

How Long Does Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Take?

The duration of residential addiction treatment can vary based on several factors, including:

  • the patient’s specific needs
  • the severity of the addiction
  • the type of substance involved

In general, inpatient treatment programs can range from 30 to 90 days or longer.

What are the Phases of Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient treatment for addiction typically consists of several phases that guide individuals through their recovery journey in a structured environment. 

While the specifics can vary, here’s a general outline of the typical phases of inpatient rehab:

  1. Assessment and Intake
    During this phase, individuals undergo a comprehensive assessment by medical professionals and addiction specialists. This assessment helps determine the appropriate treatment plan, including the level of care needed and any co-occurring disorders.
  1. Detoxification
    For individuals with physical dependence on drugs or alcohol, detox focuses on safely managing withdrawal symptoms. 
  1. Stabilization and Early Recovery
    After detox, individuals work on stabilizing their physical and mental well-being. Therapists and counselors help develop coping strategies, address cravings, and provide education about drug or alcohol addiction, specific mental health disorders, and overall recovery plans.
  1. Intensive Therapy
    This phase involves intensive individual counseling, group therapy, and evidence-based treatments focused on underlying conditions and trauma, healthy coping mechanisms, and building a foundation for lasting recovery.
  1. Skill Building
    During this phase, individuals acquire practical skills to manage triggers, stress, and emotions. They learn relapse prevention techniques, effective communication, and strategies to navigate challenges for their new, sober life.
  1. Transition Planning
    As individuals recover, the focus shifts from detox and intensive therapy to preparing for life outside rehab. This may include creating a relapse prevention plan, identifying support networks, and developing strategies to handle potential triggers.
  1. Discharge
    After completing the inpatient addiction treatment program, individuals transition to the next phase of their recovery journey.
    Aftercare services often include outpatient therapy, support groups, and ongoing counseling to maintain sobriety.

Knowing When an Inpatient Drug Treatment Program Is Right For You

Deciding on the most appropriate treatment for substance abuse is a pivotal step toward reclaiming a healthy, sober life. 

An inpatient drug treatment program might be the right choice if you face challenges that require intensive support and a structured environment for recovery.

You should consider inpatient addiction treatment if you’ve experienced the following:

  • A severe addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • Multiple relapses with failed attempts to remain sober
  • Co-occurring mental health disorders with your substance use disorder
  • A need for drug or alcohol detoxification
  • An unsafe home environment that does not foster proper healing and recovery

What Unique Inpatient Addiction Treatment Features Does Beach House Offer?

With our state-of-the-art campus near miles of nature preserves and gorgeous Florida beaches, Beach House Center for Recovery stands apart from most residential addiction treatment centers.

Along with our primary programs, we offer the following inpatient services:

24-Hour Onsite Medical Staff

Recovery is an around-the-clock process. That’s why we have licensed providers who deliver continual medical monitoring 24 hours a day during detox. 

Moreover, we can quickly transfer patients to nearby medical facilities in emergencies. 

Nearby medical centers include:

  • Palm Beach Gardens
  • HCA Florida JFK North Hospital
  • Jupiter Medical Center

The primary objective of inpatient addiction treatment is to have a full range of rehabilitation services ready and easily accessible whenever needed.  

With medically supported services designed to guide patients safely through detox, Beach House gives patients the continual monitoring necessary to manage complications like Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) effectively and comfortably.

Medication-Assisted-Treatment (MAT)

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) helps patients struggling with certain substance use disorders manage cravings and minimize most withdrawal symptoms. 

Under the close monitoring of our medical providers, patients are given the tools they need to increase their likelihood of long-term recovery.

Caring Inpatient Addiction Treatment is Possible at Beach House

We’re here to tell you that recovery is possible.

Substance use disorder is a corrosive, dangerous, and potentially fatal condition. Without compassionate and comprehensive therapeutic intervention, people with substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders are at a heightened risk of cognitive decline, degenerative illness, and early death.

The team at Beach House offers a compassionate, dedicated, and empathetic approach that delivers superior outcomes. 

Supported by licensed clinicians, psychiatric providers, and addiction specialists, Beach House offers evidence-based, patient-focused programs to help you get your life back on track.

Reclaim your life and break free from addiction. Contact us today to get started.