At Beach House Center for Recovery, we offer a state-of-the-art treatment center in gorgeous Juno Beach, Florida. Our campus is a welcoming, comfortable, and secure facility within a mile from breathtaking coastline where we visit for sunrise meditations.

Residential treatment offers the best chance of long-term recovery for most people struggling with a serious addiction disorder. In residential treatment, patients benefit from a supportive community. Our addiction care specialists and highly trained therapists provide a safe and caring environment.

Beach House Center for Recovery is proud to offer a beautiful, expansive campus surrounded by pristine nature preserve. The facilities are located within an enclosed campus, protecting patients from outside distractions while providing a calming and inclusive atmosphere.


Our residential treatment center comes with every modern convenience, allowing you to focus on your recovery. We offer a home-like environment that is within easy distance of three major Florida airports: Palm Beach International (PBI), Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International (FLL) and Miami International Airport (MIA).

Our accommodations provide the following:

Brand new, modern, and beautifully furnished living spaces. Every residential suite at Beach House Center for Recovery has its own bathroom, stylish furnishings, with community spaces offering every amenity necessary to fully participate in addiction recovery.

A secure and secluded campus. Our recovery campus is designed to make accessing every service easy and safe. Our Juno Beach location is cozy and inviting, and the layout promotes easy socialization between patients while honoring your need for privacy.

Clinical supervision. During the early stages of recovery, it is essential to have consistent clinical supervision. Our 24-hour staff is always available to provide support during the difficult portions of the recovery journey.


Gender-specific accommodations. While we encourage a culture of connection, we recognize that many patients have experienced traumas that contributed to their desire to self-medicate. Our campus offers a safe space for men and women who might have experienced unhealthy boundaries with the opposite sex to safely pursue recovery.

Bio-bed biosound therapy. The brain is a complex and powerful organ. Our biosound therapy bed is an interactive, intensive therapy that helps patients develop a deeper connection to their emotions and impulses. During biosound therapy, patients are empowered to break negative thinking patterns and replace them with healthier, more positive ones. The treatment uses sounds and vibrations to inspire comfort, safety, self-control, and peace. The practice enables patients to focus on promoting calm, relaxation, and happiness.

Residential facility business center. Our business center allows people to connect to our Wi-Fi network to meet their work obligations during inpatient recovery.


The Beach House Campus also features the following resources:

  • A private in-house gourmet chef who prepares delicious, nutritionist-guided meals.
  • Massage services, chiropractic care, and a beautiful swimming pool.
  • Regular yoga classes conducted by a trained and certified yoga instructor.
  • A fitness center with all the latest equipment.

If you have any questions about inpatient treatment or our residential facilities, please contact our helpful admissions manager today.