Beach House Center for Recovery offers a full continuum of care. Our mission is to provide outcome-driven addiction treatment that assures long-term recovery from substance use disorders. Our vision helps us craft the best possible treatment programs for diverse patients.

At Beach House, our treatment approach is guided by a strong ethical code. This code supports our commitment to providing high-quality addiction care and helps us shape our mission.

We believe in the following:

  • The opposite of addiction is love and connection. Living a connected life helps patients achieve lasting freedom from drugs and alcohol.
  • A transparent, client-directed, and outcome-informed approach yields the best possible outcomes. To comply with our transparency and outcome-based treatment policy, our treatment process, monitoring, and outcomes are evaluated by an independent third-party organization.
  • Robust, enthusiastic patient participation is essential for optimal outcomes.
  • Everyone deserves compassionate, non-judgmental interventions, the highest quality care, and objective and impartial therapeutic interventions — regardless of age, gender, ethnic and racial background, spiritual beliefs, marital status, political beliefs, diagnosis, personal history, physical ability, or sexual orientation.
  • Our patients’ welfare is our first responsibility.
  • Staying at the forefront of addiction treatment research is a duty to our patients and our community.
  • We can provide the best outcomes for patients who are emotionally, clinically, and medically ready for treatment.
  • Keeping our patients’ accommodations safe, secure, well-maintained, and comfortable is essential to our duty of care.
  • Providing whole-body wellness services, including nutritious meals and daily exercise, is critical to optimal outcomes.
  • Honesty in marketing, advertising, and public relations is non-negotiable.

Our vision for recovery includes the following commitments:

To give patients a change of scenery

Removing patients from unhealthy and unsupportive environments is essential. Patients have the best chances of recovery when they aren’t distracted by stressors, triggers, and enablers.

To give patients a new perspective

Every patient should feel cared for with supportive and compassionate interaction with staff, spiritual guidance, and a culture of love and connection.

To provide an environment for emotional healing

Addiction is a mental health disorder. Through an in-depth psychiatric assessment, evaluating readiness for medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and ongoing follow-up care, we support patients’ journey to mental stability.

To provide an environment for physical healing.

Addiction can destroy the body. We strive to help patients restore their physical health and well-being by providing comprehensive physical examinations and encouraging patients to disclose any medical conditions that might affect treatment and recovery.

To connect patients with the latest evidence-backed behavioral therapies.

We offer numerous therapeutic interventions, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and motivational interviewing (MI).

To provide ongoing support

Our continuum of care includes case management that helps patients transition from residential treatment comfortably and successfully. In addition to providing the tools and resources necessary for life after inpatient recovery, we maintain an enthusiastic and supportive alumni network to help navigate recovery outside of Beach House.

We invite you to learn more about Beach House Center for Recovery, including more about our leadership, accreditation, and some of the testimonials.

There is freedom from addiction. Please get in touch with our compassionate admission counselors today to learn more about our treatment approach.

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Create a Vision for Your Recovery

Addiction creates confusion and disorientation for everyone affected by it. If you or someone you love has developed a dependence on alcohol or drugs, it is not too late. Healing is possible. At Beach House, our dedication to patient-centered care and proven outcomes sets us apart from other addiction treatment facilities. To learn more about our evidence-based practices and our vision for your future, contact Beach House today.