Beach House Testimonials

Beach House Center for Recovery offers lifechanging addiction treatment services at the highest quality of care. Read our testimonials below to learn how we’ve helped clients to overcome addiction and find loving connection.

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I Would Highly Recommend Beach House!

“Beach House was AMAZING. From the minute I called them, they took care of everything in order for me to get there and walked me through every step along the way. The staff was kind and caring and the food was SO good lol I would highly recommend Beach House.” – L.B.

I Was Able to Get My Life Back

“Thanks to Beach House, I was able to get my life back. I put the work in and made the most of my time. My therapists were wonderful and they really helped me through some tough stuff.” – A.M.

Very Happy

“Very happy with the services, the road to recovery isn’t hard by any means but that facility has the patients to help guide me through the “process” of recovery. They encompass the 12 step program, and they are about the evidence of the disease of addiction” – D.M.

Promises Do Come True If You Give This Program a Chance

“Beach House saved my life, after 38 years of being an addict and alcoholic I spent 3 months here and through therapy and groups and AA I have managed to stay sober 18 + months. Life is good the promises do come true if you give this program a chance and work hard it gets easier every day.” – C.P.

An Amazing Place to Seek Help for Addiction

“Beach House Center for Recovery is an amazing place to seek help for addiction as well as under lying issues that led up to substance abuse. The supportive staff welcomes you with open arms and walks with you the entire process from start to finish. They saved my life! Thank you Beach House!!!” – T.G.

A Very Enlightening, Rewarding and Humbling Experience

“My time at Beach House was a very enlightening, rewarding and humbling experience. First of all Juno Beach is a very beautiful area, I felt safe and the locals seem to be very friendly. As an automotive enthusiast I was also impressed when I saw that I was getting picked up from the airport in a shiny black Audi. I got checked in by the friendly staff and was well fed on my arrival. The facility is very clean as the cleaning crew were always scrubbing, wiping and polishing on a daily basis. The therapists here are great, well educated and I felt that they had my best interests at heart.” – T.E.

Beach House Saved My Life

“Beach House saved my life. I was lost until I went to Beach House and it is the best decision I have ever made. I am sober today and couldn’t have done it without Beach House.” – C.L.

Saved My Life Not Once But Twice

“Beach House saved my life not once but twice. Wonderful staff all around… best food you will ever eat….” – S.B.

Top-Notch, Very Helpful and Very Loving

“I was at Beach House one year ago. I cannot think the staff enough for the support, love and the tools they provided me with in order to love a clean and healthy life. Before I had even got there I had made the decision that I would dive into the program 100%. When the staff in support teams that work there saw that I was serious they dove into my recovery 100%. As of December 7th I have been one year off of Opiates. The nurses, the staff, the technicians and the medical team we’re all top-notch very helpful and very loving. If you’re looking to clean your life up and end the long cycle of substance abuse I would recommend giving Beach House a call.” – N.H.

Supportive and Caring Staff

“Amazing facility. Supportive and caring staff. They really focus on individualized therapy and offer support for loved ones as well.” – K.C.

I’m Happy, Healthy and Sober!

“Beach House completely saved my life. I was there for 100 days and the staff and facility is amazing! Now I have my Beach House family! Great support and experience. I struggled with my addiction for 12 years and I can finally say I’m happy, healthy and sober!!!!” – J.R.

I Couldn’t Be More Grateful

“Beach House was there to pick me up from a treatment center that closed. They took me in and took great care of me and I couldn’t be more grateful for what you’ve done! Great staff, facility, and the best food in Florida!” – F.E.

Gave Me the Tools I Needed

“The care I received and the people I met while at Beach House have undoubtedly changed my life for the better. My experience gave me the tools I needed to start my journey toward living a better life, and I would highly recommend anyone seeking help to reach out.” – C.P.

Find Healing from Addiction

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