Beach House Center for Recovery is a patient-centered addiction recovery facility located in beautiful Juno Beach, Florida. We offer comprehensive addiction treatment programs designed to facilitate long-term recovery, health, and mental wellness. Our compassionate and welcoming environment helps patients safely and comfortably recover from the debilitating effects of substance use disorder.

Our therapeutic alliance is at the heart of our treatment approach. We partner with patients to discover the most appropriate, effective, and comfortable treatment program. Our clinicians take the time to develop the kind of rapport that allows for sustainable therapeutic progress.

Our commitment to fostering and maintaining healthy and productive bonds with our patients supports the following addiction treatment programs:

Medically Supervised Detox

At Beach House, the medically supervised detoxification process begins with a thorough medical and psychological evaluation. This stage helps us assess the history of substance use, the length and severity of the addiction, and the patient’s overall health profile.

Our experienced medical providers make chemical withdrawal as safe and comfortable as practicable, offering continual, 24-hour nursing supervision to ensure the process is free of complications.

Inpatient/Residential Rehab

Inpatient recovery is the therapeutic gold standard for addiction care. We provide comfortable, secure, and tranquil accommodations that help make the recovery journey physically and emotionally comfortable.

With ongoing, intensive programs designed to address the root causes of a substance use disorder, our clinicians guide patients through evidence-backed treatment modalities and – when appropriate – medication-assisted treatment programs.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is designed to provide intensive treatment for patients whose mental health and addiction challenges would benefit from continued, transitional treatment. 

This program enables patients to access exceptional, in-depth care and learn the foundational life skills to find freedom from addiction. 

Mental Health Treatment

Beach House offers a full spectrum of mental health care for the co-occurring disorders contributing to addiction.

Our clinical addiction specialists offer in-depth expertise in dual diagnosis treatment modalities for a range of mood and anxiety disorders that commonly accompany substance misuse.

Military Addiction Treatment

The unimaginable stresses of active combat service can often trigger mental health concerns that lead to substance use disorders. Beach House is proud to offer clinicians specializing in treating members of all branches of the armed forces.

Aftercare Programs

In addition to dedicated inpatient and residential treatment, Beach House offers accessible, supportive aftercare programs that help patients adjust to independent living outside the structured recovery setting.

To discuss treatment options with our helpful admissions counselors, please contact us today.