At Beach House Center for Recovery, we offer next-generation treatments and intensive therapies designed to help patients manage substance use disorders effectively. Our team of medical clinicians, psychiatric providers, and addiction specialists provide in-depth expertise in therapeutic modalities like bio-bed sound therapy, giving patients the tools they need to recognize triggers and address them successfully.

Dependence on substances is a multifaceted phenomenon with numerous potential causal pathways. One of the key issues contributing to substance use disorder is emotional dysregulation. This co-occurring condition can cause people to regulate their emotions with drugs or alcohol. While therapeutic interventions can offer tremendous benefits to patients who struggle with compromised impulse control, bio-bed sound therapy is one of the most promising emerging addiction treatments.

Bio-bed sound therapy, commonly known as biosound therapy, is a treatment approach that empowers patients with the ability to recognize and address stresses and impulses that trigger substance misuse. At Beach House Center for Recovery, we proudly provide state-of-the-art treatment modalities that address a complex and diverse network of issues contributing to substance misuse.

What is Bio-Bed Sound Therapy?

Bio-bed sound therapy is a biofeedback-based intervention for addressing substance use disorders and their co-occurring conditions. This therapy uses the body’s sensory apparatus to effectively manage relaxation responses.

Biofeedback-based interventions have been used for decades to address numerous health issues, including incontinence disorders, fibromyalgia, and tension headaches. A growing body of research suggests that biosound therapies offer extremely favorable outcomes for people with substance dependency and related physical concerns. The treatment is particularly beneficial for managing symptoms experienced during the detoxification process.

The Bio-Bed Therapy Process

Bio-bed sound therapy uses vibrations and binaural audio (3D audio replicating live sound) to encourage a meditative state. During this state, you will experience the ability to manage your heart rate, minimize stress hormone production, and calm uncontrolled or anxious thoughts.

When you undergo bio-bed sound therapy, you begin by lying on a specialized bed. You will then hear binaural audio samples along with minor vibrations. The bio-bed’s vibrations activate different body parts in a predefined set of sequences supported by binaural audio. The specially timed pulses from the bio-bed promote physical and emotional relaxation and make the mind and body more receptive to affirmations that help you neutralize unhealthy thought patterns.

During your bio-bed sound therapy session, your qualified technician will guide you through the stages of a deeply meditative state. This process uses visual and auditory stimulation to facilitate control of nervous system functions like breathing and heartbeat.

Being caught in an addiction cycle can be chaotic, causing the release of stress hormones that trigger destructive impulses. Bio-bed sound therapy helps people with substance use disorder regulate their physical responses to disruptive emotions.

Beach House Center for Recovery: Using Innovation to Promote Healing from Substance Use Disorder

At Beach House, we employ a broad range of innovative therapeutic interventions to help patients overcome substance use disorders and manage co-occurring mental health conditions. To learn more about bio-bed sound therapy, please contact our helpful admissions counselors today.