The Beach House Admissions Process

Prospective clients and families seeking the best substance abuse treatment option for their particular situation will find the Beach House admissions process both informative and reassuring. In this simple but helpful process, those seeking drug and alcohol treatment can get the guidance they need to make an informed decision about what plan of care will best help them find freedom from addiction. During a free phone consultation with one of our caring and informed admissions counselors, prospective clients and their families benefit from our expertise regarding various treatment options, associated costs, insurance provisions and other considerations in the admissions process.

Throughout the admissions process, prospective clients and their families also have our assurance of:

  • Confidentiality (that we take careful measures to protect their privacy)
  • Transparency (that in their best interests we will strive to answer their every question clearly and with honesty)
  • Needs-based treatment guarantee (that we will always prioritize the individual care needs of the client and their family and point them in the direction of the right treatment plan for their needs, whether that’s here at Beach House or elsewhere).

Admission Guidelines and Criteria

At Beach House, our residential treatment program is for:

  • Both men and women
  • Adults (over the age of 18)
  • Anyone with a drug or alcohol addiction and/or co-occurring disorder
  • Anyone who, in also meeting the above criteria, is both physically able and willing to participate in all aspects of our daily programming

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Signs of Drug or Alcohol Addiction

If a prospective client and/or their family meets the above criteria but remains unsure about whether a drug or alcohol problem qualifies as a real addiction for which professional treatment is needed, asking the following questions can help make a determination about whether our help is required:

  • Is the person with the drug or alcohol problem suffering negative life consequences as a result of their use? For example, are they experiencing troubles at work, school or at home because of their use? Is their use of drugs or alcohol negatively impacting their relationships or getting them into trouble with the law?
  • Has the person with the drug or alcohol problem lost control of their use, so that they feel powerless to say “no” to drinking or using drugs? For instance, have they expressed a desire to quit and/or tried to quit before, only unsuccessfully?
  • Are they regularly manifesting physical and psychological symptoms associated with drug or alcohol abuse? These warning signs can differ depending on the drug in question. With stimulants, for instance, users often exhibit dilated pupils, hyperactivity, euphoria, excessive talkativeness and long periods of going without rest or sleep. With marijuana, glassy, red eyes, inappropriate laughter, loss of interest and motivation, and weight changes can be signs of abuse. If you’re unsure about what symptoms to look for, talk to one of our admissions counselors today.

A “yes” to even one of the above questions may indicate the presence of a drug or alcohol addiction for which professional help is the only answer.

Admission Process

At Beach House, we’ve streamlined our admission process in order to eliminate any unnecessary stress for prospective clients and their families. Our process consists of the following three very simple steps:

  • Contact Us. To receive a complimentary consultation regarding the best plan of care for you or a loved one, simply call our facility to speak with one of our admissions counselors. We’ll undertake a very brief screening by phone of your or a loved one’s drug use and mental health history, so that we can best advise you of your treatment options.
  • Verify insurance and any out-of-pocket costs of treatment. Our admissions counselors will do much of this work for you, so that you don’t have to — and, we work with a long list of insurance providers to make treatment as affordable as possible. All we’ll need is some basic information to initiate this verification process, such as the name and number of your insurance provider. Don’t let the cost of treatment scare you away!
    Learn more about Insurance and Costs of Treatment.
  • Schedule a Date. Often within 24 hours of your initial phone consultation with one of our knowledgeable admissions counselors, you’ll be able to travel to our facility and begin treatment. We will assist you in making travel arrangements. If you are arriving by plane you will be greeted at the airport by a member of our patient care staff. For our local clients we can also arrange for a car to pick you up at a location of your choice. Your safety and comfort is our top priority.
  • Arrive at Beach House. No matter what time you arrive we will have everything prepared for you. You will be welcomed at the door by our compassionate staff and after checking in we will immediately assess your medical condition. Detox medications will be prescribed for you right away and we will ensure that you are comfortable. Within 24 hours of your arrival, we will begin a thorough psychiatric, medical and clinical assessment. We will then tailor a detox and treatment plan of care that’s specific to your needs.