Beach House Center for Recovery provides addiction intervention services for families needing support. With our team of medical clinicians, addiction care specialists, and psychiatric providers, we are dedicated to helping people affected by substance use disorder access the resources they need to help free their loved ones from addiction.

Addiction affects everyone, not just the person misusing substances. Anyone who has seen a loved one succumbing to substance use disorder knows how devastating it can be. Families and friends often feel helpless, alone, and scared; excessive alcohol or drug use concerns them — and rightly so. The best intentions can backfire, prolonging a loved one’s downward slide into denial, disengagement, and continuing substance dependence.

What is an intervention?

Addiction intervention services are highly organized events intended to persuade a loved one to pursue treatment for addiction. The intervention might involve a group of friends, colleagues, members of a faith group, or family members gathering to provide motivation and support. 

The intervention might involve the following stages:

  • Information gathering: Before involving others in the intervention process, it’s important to conduct research on addiction, treatment approaches, and facilities.
  • Planning: Intervention services must be carefully planned. People struggling with addiction disorders are not always receptive to offers of assistance. Consult with an intervention specialist, physician, or licensed addiction professional early to help you plan a safe, empathetic, and effective session.
  • Form an intervention group: Decide who should participate in the intervention process. While there might be a number of people who wish to be involved, it’s important to consider whose participation is likely to be viewed positively. Involving someone with a strained or complicated relationship with your loved one might invite conflict.
  • Identify consequences: Decide which actions you will take if your loved one does not accept treatment.  

Interventions are often the starting point. Our team is passionate about providing families of people with substance use disorders with the help they need. You can determine the appropriate intervention method with the help of our supportive and knowledgeable counselors.

We offer a variety of highly regarded intervention services to families in need. The Beach House team achieves successful outcomes by delivering the following: 

Dedicated assistance for families. Beach House admissions counselors are here to assist families in planning an intervention and getting a loved one into treatment. Our professionals are also well acquainted with Florida laws that can facilitate families’ attempts to get help for their loved ones.

A robust network of addiction specialists. We can provide referrals to trained interventionists and sober escorts through our national network of contacts. Our ongoing support helps families navigate the intervention and treatment process more easily.

Evidence-backed treatment programs. We offer the latest treatment innovations, including bio-bed sound therapygender-specific treatment, and dual-diagnosis therapies. Our treatment programs address the underlying causes of substance use disorder and provide a solid foundation for recovery.

Beach House Center for Recovery: Addiction Intervention Services

Beach House Center for Recovery offers free intervention consultations to help families understand the intervention process. If you have a loved one with an unmanaged addiction disorder, please don’t hesitate to contact our compassionate admissions counselors today.