Beach House Center for Recovery offers science-backed medication-assisted treatment programs that minimize withdrawal symptoms comfortably while helping to manage the impulse to reuse. Our compassionate team of psychiatric providers, addiction care specialists, and mental health clinicians provide customized care plans designed to address each patient’s unique substance use patterns, symptoms, and co-occurring disorders.

At Beach House, we understand that overcoming addiction is a life-long journey. Substance use disorder is a chronic condition that requires effective and vigilant management, dedicated support, love, connection, and a diverse assortment of tools. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) rehab programs are among the most effective tools for long-term recovery.

MAT recovery programs can offer exceptional outcomes for patients working to end the cycle of addiction and reuse. This science-backed intervention helps patients detox comfortably and manage cravings so that they can focus on addressing the core issues that led to self-medicating behaviors.

The Beach House team offers in-depth experience in addiction treatment, giving patients the resources and therapeutic support necessary to pursue sobriety successfully.

What is MAT rehab?

Addiction is not a character flaw that can be overcome with willpower. Long-term chemical dependency causes neurological changes that can affect a person’s impulse control, dopamine transmission, and mental health. MAT rehab is a revolutionary treatment protocol that stabilizes brain chemistry more effectively than abstinence alone, effectively reducing the desire to reuse substances and negating any intoxicating effects in the event of relapse.

MAT rehab is among the most relevant treatment advances for substance use disorder because the medications are engineered to neutralize substance intoxication and inhibit the neurological responses that trigger cravings. This approach supports whole-person recovery when used in conjunction with targeted behavioral therapies.

It is important to note that MAT recovery does not cure substance use disorders. However, medications can decrease the likelihood of return to use by up to 50% in patients with opioid addiction.

At Beach House, we provide personalized MAT rehab plans for each patient based on their degree of dependency, type of substances being misused, medical history, and other factors. Our team of addiction specialists administers the appropriate medications to treat the following types of addiction:

MAT rehab and opioid addiction

Although opioid withdrawal symptoms aren’t necessarily life threatening, they are undoubtedly extremely uncomfortable. Very often, symptoms are severe enough to cause extreme reluctance to cease opioid use, perpetuating addiction and leading to physical dependency.

MAT rehab for opioid use disorder begins with medically assisted detox, where patients’ symptoms are monitored and managed with medications, often a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone (brand name Suboxone). Buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist that does not produce feelings of euphoria when used as prescribed but prevents symptoms of withdrawal and minimizes opioid cravings.

Beach House Center for Recovery: Compassionate, Personalized MAT Recovery Programs

At Beach House Center for Recovery, we believe that dedicated, science-backed treatment protocols yield the best outcomes for people battling addiction disorders. When combined with ongoing support, love, and connection, patients can rebuild their lives effectively, healthily, and happily.

We offer comprehensive treatment programs and specialized therapy for a wide variety of substance use disorders, behavioral disorders, and co-occurring mental health issues. Our team of addiction specialists has decades of combined experience creating customized therapies designed to uncover and treat the root cause of addictive behaviors.

To learn more about our empathetic, comprehensive, and safe MAT recovery program, please contact our helpful admissions counselors today.