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stay fit during covid-19
May 1, 2020

Ways to Stay Fit During COVID-19

All around the world, people are working to protect themselves from the COVID-19 pandemic by observing social distancing and self-quarantine. Within only a couple of months, our lifestyles look different than they ever have before, as fitness centers and public parks remain closed in many cities.

Even as you are taking all the necessary steps to limit the trips you take outside your home, that doesn’t mean your fitness routine has to suffer. Maintaining your workout routine can boost your immune system and decrease your levels of stress and anxiety – essential during these difficult times. Here are some ways to stay fit during COVID-19.

1. Find a Workout Partner

If you’re quarantined with a spouse or family members, working out together is an excellent bonding activity. You can help motivate each other to reach new fitness goals while keeping each other accountable for the exercise regimen you find. If you’ve had trouble getting a workout routine to stick in the past, the buddy system is a great way to have fun and stay encouraged. In quarantine alone? Set appointments to exercise via video chat with friends and family members.

2. Start Healthy Habits

If your body isn’t accustomed to long periods of activity, it’s better and safer for you to work out in briefer, more frequent bursts. If you’re not already regularly active, ease yourself into low-intensity exercise, such as walking. To stay fit during COVID-19, begin with short intervals of five to 10 minutes each, then gradually build up to 30 minutes or more continuously over a few weeks. You’ll feel your fitness and energy levels improving each day, which should serve as a natural incentive to push yourself harder.

3. Get Mentally Agile

There’s more than one way to stay fit during COVID-19. You can have intense mental workouts, too. While you’re observing quarantine, find activities that challenge your mind, such as solving crossword puzzles or learning a new language. You can even take some free classes that advance your career skills, so you come out of this pandemic with something new to add to your resume.

4. Reduce Long Periods Spent Sitting

Have you been more sedentary than usual because of the coronavirus quarantine? Whether you’re glued to the couch because of work, watching TV or spending time on your phone, set a timer to remind you to get up every 20 to 30 minutes for a five-minute movement break. Stand up and stretch tight muscles, do a set of jumping jacks or go outside and walk around the yard for some fresh air and sunshine. Anything you can do to move around more will improve your overall health and well-being and help you stay fit during COVID-19.

5. Have Fun

If you’re trying to ramp up a fitness program, remember that it will be much more of a challenge for you to keep going if every workout feels like a chore. Experiment with different types of physical activities until you hit upon one you enjoy. You might discover something like putting on a playlist of upbeat music and dancing around your kitchen while you cook dinner is enough to get your heart rate up and leave you feeling great about yourself!

6. Keep a Positive Attitude

The need to slow the spread of the pandemic has already led to unprecedented changes in daily routines, but staying active in quarantine should remain a priority. Physical activity is essential for maintaining optimal health, so learning new ways to stay fit during COVID-19 will help you stay optimistic and improve your body’s ability to fight illness.

At Beach House, you can find lifelong recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction at our private, beachfront campus in beautiful Florida. In accordance with CDC and WHO guidelines, we’ve implemented stringent cleaning protocols to keep our clients and staff healthy and free of any coronavirus symptoms. Our leadership team believes it is essential for us to remain open and providing evidence-based treatment, even amid a global pandemic. To learn more about our secluded facility, reach out to us today.