Addiction Treatment During Covid-19

Beach House’s Proactive Response to COVID-19

Dear those suffering from addiction, their loved ones, and all of our friends in the industry,

Like all of you, our days are filled with updates about COVID-19 and the actions being taken to flatten the curve of its spread. We’ve received some optimistic news that we hope shortens the duration of measures in South Florida; for instance, research is showing that much like the cold virus, COVID-19 likes cold weather.

We are confident that Beach House is one of the cleanest treatment centers in the United States. The measures we are taking are proving to be successful, and Beach House has not shown any cases of COVID-19.

Initiatives that Beach House has implemented, guided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), are as follows:

First, we are proud to say the following measures have been successful. At the present time our patients are actively working with our exceptional treatment team and we do not have any clients at Beach House that have shown any risk on COVID-19

  • Daily strategic leadership team meetings to address changing guidance from the CDC/WHO.
  • Hand sanitizer available to all patients and employees of Beach House; provided directly to them, or administration from a Behavioral Health Technician.
  • Prior to admission, all patients are given a health risk prescreen that is reviewed and signed off on by our Medical Director.
  • All patients have their temperature taken prior to arriving on campus to assure we are not admitting anyone with a temperature that is above a threshold for safety.
  • All employees who feel unwell, whether or not the symptoms are similar to COVID-19, are asked to stay home until cleared to return to work.
  • We have 17 housekeepers on campus each and every day. Specific housekeeping staff is dedicated to working on heightened protocols, including cleaning all touch contact surfaces (door handles, counter tops etc.) every 30 minutes.
  • Antibacterial cleaners have been distributed around campus for employees to regularly wipe down their own workspaces (twice per day minimum).
  • A closed dining room to staff in order to offer additional meal shifts to patients, allowing them to spread out while enjoying the outstanding food we provide at Beach House.

Discover what’s priceless—a future free of addiction, starting today:

We feel that Beach House is likely one of the cleanest places on Earth, and these efforts are in place to keep all of us safe, but we’re not just stopping there. Every day we add new measures to further ensure patient safety.

There is no doubt that remaining in active addiction is much more dangerous then flying to our beautiful 5.3-acre campus surrounded by beach preserve.

Beach House is located in Juno Beach: a sleepy little town in the most northern section of Palm Beach County, Florida.

These facts, along with the precautions we have taken, make it an easy decision to get on a (likely empty) flight where each plane is equipped with HEPA filters and airlines have committed to keep flyers safe.

Addiction doesn’t stop because of worldwide pandemics, and neither should world-class treatment of substance use disorder. We urge you to reach out to Beach House and allow us to be of service while keeping you healthy. Call us at (855) 815-4403.

“Wishing health and safety to all of your families during these trying times,”
– Glenn Cohen.
Founder and CEO.
Beach House Center for Recovery.