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Front Cover of The Recovery Minded Church
March 31, 2017

“The Recovery Minded Church” by Jonathan Benz with Kristen Robb Dover

Front Cover of The Recovery Minded ChurchWelcome to Beach House Center for Recovery’s Monthly Book Club! Each month, a member of our community recommends a book that inspired them, changed their life, helped a loved one through a tough time, or is simply too helpful to overlook.

This month, we recommend “The Recovery Minded Church” by Jonathan Benz with Kristen Robb Dover.

How did you hear about the book?

This book was introduced to book by the co-author, Kristina Robb Dover.

Who is the book’s intended audience?

It is intended for Christians and more so those in the recovery ministry field of the church

Is there a chapter or passage that is particularly meaningful to you? Can you briefly describe it?

The chapter that stood out the most was chapter 2 on intervention as it really shares what to and not to do for an intervention.

What do you think is the most effective pace to read or listen to the book?

Time frame is whatever you are comfortable with. I read about a chapter or two daily because of minimal time to read.

Why would you recommend, The Recovery Minded Church, to someone?

This book would have been a valued ally back in my earlier days. Even to this day I feel that believers and non-believers can grasp and be given insight into many areas of addiction and recovery from this book. Mr. Benz like myself is a professional now in the field here in Florida and his insight and advice are spot on.

Is there anything else you would like to add to your review?

As a man 15 years in recovery my walk with Jesus and my sobriety began 3 months apart back in 1997. My ex-wife had many of the same issues that are described in the book with our pastor as to how to approach and hold an intervention with me. After completing a 9-month Christian Regeneration program called Dunklin Memorial Camp in Okeechobee, FL, I began my counseling career. I did lay counseling in the ministry and on my own for approximately 5 years before entering school to become a MA therapist.

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