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Front cover of Coming Clean by Seth Haines.
December 3, 2016

“Coming Clean” by Seth Haines

Front cover of Coming Clean by Seth Haines.Without forgiveness, there is no meaningful way to move into healing and peace.”

Welcome to Beach House Center for Recovery’s Monthly Book Club! Each month, a member of our community recommends a book that inspired them, changed their life, helped a loved one through a tough time, or is simply too helpful to overlook.

This month, Ashley Tieperman of the Addicted to Love Club recommends “Coming Clean,” by Seth Haines.

How did you hear about the book?

I follow Seth Haines on social media, and then realized that one of my professors, Dr. Glenn Kreider of Dallas Theological Seminary, wrote an early review included in the book.

Who is the book’s intended audience?

Originally, you think this book is intended for addicts, especially those wrestling with alcoholism, because it is a peek into Seth’s journaling in his days of coming clean. But it doesn’t take long to realize that this book is for everyone. It’s for anyone who lives in our world and uses something, whatever it might be, to mask their heartbreak and pain.

Is there a chapter or passage that is particularly meaningful to you? Can you briefly describe it?

I wrote several lines of this book on brightly colored notecards that I hung on my wall as reminders. Here’s one of my favorites that helped me with my own wrestling: “Without forgiveness, there is no meaningful way to move into healing and peace.”

What do you think is the most effective pace to read or listen to the book? Small parts like a chapter a day, read the whole book in a few days, or doesn’t matter?

I suggest reading this book at a slow pace because of the richness of his language. Seth walks you through his own process of healing, and you can walk through your own journey of healing alongside him. Grab a cup of tea, and find some silent moments to read and reflect.

Why would you recommend it?

This book is honest about who and what we blame for addiction. His writing is raw, but in the most beautiful way. You’ll wade into your pain, as Seth takes the lead in uncovering his own fears. I am not an addict; however, I needed this book for my own recovery in learning to love an addict.

Is there anything else you would like to add to your review?

My copy of this book is dog-eared and highlighted. I think that’s the best way to fully digest this powerful book.

Ashley Tieperman’s writing about learning to love an addict has been featured on Upworthy. Check out her work on, and her new online community called the Addicted to Love Club.

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