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Live a Connected Life
January 29, 2020

Living a Connected Life

Live a Connected Life

At Beach House, we believe that the opposite of addiction is connection. It is our mission that every person who comes through our doors begins to build a loving, connected life free from the influence of drugs and alcohol.

While in Treatment

The foundation for living a connected life is laid while an individual is in treatment with us. First, we provide a variety of group curriculum programs. These include lessons about healthy relationships, authentic self-love, trauma resolution, spirituality, 12-step principles, and core change. Through these groups, patients are able to experience deep self-discovery while in a safe, loving environment. They are supported by their peers and our clinical staff through this process.

Before a person leaves Beach House, they work directly with our case managers to prepare for reintegration and connection to their family, work, and community. We understand that the transition back to “real life” can be challenging, and we’re here for you every step of the way.

What Happens Next?

After discharge, case managers and primary therapists will develop an individualized Continuing Care Plan (CCP) for each patient. We recommend that patients participate in 12-Step support groups in their community – through these organizations, they will develop a sober support network and ensure accountability. They are also encouraged to continue their spiritual journeys after leaving primary treatment.

Addiction is a family disease, and as such, family is integral to the healing process. We encourage family involvement in the CCP, as well as the participation of loved ones in programs like ALANON, ACA, CODA, and therapy. The more support and understanding a patient has from loved ones, the better.

Get Connected at Beach House

Addiction is a disease of isolation and shame. In order to overcome it, one must prioritize living a loving, connected life. At Beach House, we help patients to work through past traumas and heal relationships impacted by the use of drugs and alcohol. To learn more about our philosophy and programming, contact Beach House today.