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January 28, 2020

Building Healthy Relationships in Recovery

Healthy Relationships Beach House

How Addiction Affects Relationships

Perhaps the most devastating toll exacted by addiction is the lasting damage to one’s interpersonal relationships. Lifelong bonds can be strained by ongoing substance use, and it’s common for lies and deception to erode the trust between an addict and their friends or family members. Even if loved ones still want to be involved, it is almost never simple. Addicts commonly isolate and focus solely on obtaining, using, and recovering from their drugs of choice.

When the dust clears and someone finally seeks help for their substance use disorder, the first question is often, “How can I make things right?” This is why a large portion of our curriculum centers around building healthy relationships in addiction recovery. 

Living Loving, Connected Lives

At Beach House, our mission is simple. We believe that the opposite of addiction is connection. To live a connected life, every person who comes through our doors deserves an outcome of lasting freedom from drugs and alcohol. Through our focus on community, spirituality, family, and the 12 Steps, we help each and every patient to build lives rooted in connection. 

Our Approach to Repairing Relationships

In our residential and outpatient programming, we address the relationship problems caused by addiction through a multi-pronged approach. While in treatment, our team prepares patients for reintegration and connection to their family, work, and community.

Community – Involvement in one’s local sober community is integral to early recovery. Many people who leave treatment do not understand how vital it is to seek out connection with others who understand their experiences with addiction. At Beach House, we encourage a collaborative healing environment that hinges on community.

Spirituality – Recovery is in itself a spiritual revelation, and lasting sobriety requires consistent effort and belief. Whether it’s learning to give everything up to a higher power or establishing a communion with likeminded people, spirituality fuels connection.

Family – Involvement in each patient’s Continuing Care Plan (CCP) is encouraged, as long as family members are open to doing their part in the family’s healing process. Families are also encouraged to participate in therapy, preventative efforts, ALANON, ACA, and CODA.

12 Step Groups – Daily 12 Step meetings help Beach House residents to find sober support: an integral component of lasting recovery. These meetings also introduce the value of sponsorship during and after treatment.

Our group curriculum programs include lessons on authentic self and self-love, trauma identification and resolution, and relapse prevention, among other topics.

Get Your Life Back

Beach House is an addiction treatment facility located in Juno Beach, Florida. We specialize in treatment for a wide variety of substance use disorders, including chemical dependencies on alcohol, benzos, cocaine, heroin, opioids, prescription medications, and more. If you or someone you love has lost cherished relationships due to substance use, it’s not too late. Contact our admissions team today to learn about our proven approach to addiction recovery.