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May 22, 2020

How to Strengthen Your Relationships During a Pandemic

As COVID-19 rages on and the nationwide death toll continues to mount, most Americans say non-essential businesses that have chosen to reopen are doing so prematurely, and that they still plan to go out in public less than they did a few months ago. Without a vaccine, some medical experts have predicted that we may never be able to return to pre-pandemic levels of social interactions. If these trying times are straining your connections with others, here are some ways to strengthen your relationships during a pandemic.

How to Strengthen Your Relationships With Your Partner

Quarantining with a spouse or partner for months on end can create friction in otherwise healthy relationships. When you’re feeling frayed around the edges, consider these tips for creating a stronger pair bond.

1. Acknowledge Your Negative Feelings

Are you experiencing heightened tension in your household? Not only have both of you been operating in continual crisis mode for the past couple of months, but being in such close quarters can also heighten your emotions by allowing them to rebound off each other.

Trying to make light of your anxiety or sweep conflict under the rug will allow negativity to fester until it reaches unhealthy levels. Instead of bottling these emotions up, take time to examine and talk through them as they arise. Doing so will provide you with a healthy outlet for stress, while reducing the power these feelings have over you.

2. Make Time for Individual Pursuits

Though togetherness can offer a sense of solace in uncertain circumstances, don’t neglect your individual health and wellness needs. Designate time and space to do things alone – such as meditating, exercising, reading or practicing a hobby – and ensure your partner does the same. Spending time apart can break up the monotony of your days and help both of you stay grounded.

3. Go Outside Together

The sweeping shutdown of non-essential businesses may have limited your favorite date-night options. However, you and your partner can still spend quality time together by getting out in the fresh air. Go for a walk around your neighborhood, or start a vegetable or flower garden. Surrounding yourself with nature is an excellent way to reduce stress, and improving the bond you share is a bonus.

Tips to Strengthen Your Relationships With Family and Friends

Self-quarantine means you probably haven’t seen close friends and family members for at least the past two months. If you’re craving contact with your “tribe,” here’s how to maintain a sense of connection while staying safe.

1. Start a Long-Distance Book Club

If your loved ones are bookworms, strengthen your relationships with a virtual book club. Agree on a book or genre and an online video-sharing platform, then decide how often you want to schedule check-ins. Does the idea of a book club sound too stodgy for you? Keep it lighthearted by choosing funny or escapist selections.

2. Enjoy Shared Experiences

Coronavirus has interrupted many people’s highly anticipated spring break or summer vacation plans, but you and those who are close to you can still explore the world and spend time together while remaining in self-quarantine. Many cultural attractions, such as museums, zoos and national parks, are offering free online tours during the pandemic. Round up some loved ones and take a virtual trip.

3. Play Games

Give yourself something to look forward to by designating a regular online game night. Challenge everyone to join you for cooperative or head-to-head trivia, card games or even a virtual escape room. There are plenty of possibilities to keep you busy. 

Pursuing Your Recovery Here

If you’re looking for a safe place to pursue addiction recovery in these challenging circumstances, Beach House’s compassionate addiction specialists are ready to welcome you. Following the directives of the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, we have developed and implemented a series of stringent initiatives to ensure our campus stays scrupulously clean. As a result, all our residents and staff continue to be symptom-free.

To learn more about our tranquil Florida treatment center or verify your health insurance coverage, reach out to us today.