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good news during COVID-19
April 10, 2020

Good News During the COVID-19 Outbreak

We’ve all heard our fair share of sad, frustrating and downright frightening news lately due to the coronavirus pandemic that’s sweeping the globe. In these disheartening times, we all could use a pick-me-up. Here’s some good news to emerge from reports about the COVID-19 outbreak.

Some Countries Have Succeeded in Flattening the Curve

There are some outstanding examples of nations whose leaders have taken proactive steps to halt the transmission of the disease. New Zealand identified its first case of coronavirus on Feb. 28. Shortly thereafter, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern took the remarkable step of closing the island nation’s borders, declaring a state of emergency and issuing strict stay-at-home orders. Today, New Zealand has confirmed 1,210 coronavirus cases, and there has been only one death thus far. They are illustrating the success of simple measures such as social distancing and staying home in keeping their citizens safe and healthy.

Most People Who Contract COVID-19 Recover

Estimates now suggest that 99% of people infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 will recover. Some people who test positive for coronavirus remain entirely symptom-free. The death toll related to this illness is alarming, and it’s likely we will see many more cases before the situation begins to return to normal. Still, the overall fatality rates for coronavirus remain lower than other epidemics to this point.

Pollution Has Dropped Drastically in Cities With High Rates of Quarantine

Satellite readings taken from above China show that the hardest-hit regions have experienced a dramatic decline in their levels of air pollution. China’s quarantine has caused a sharp drop-off in the levels of nitrogen dioxide, a toxic gas produced from vehicle emissions, factories and power plants. Meanwhile, in Italy, Venice’s iconic canals are clear enough to see fish for the first time in decades, thanks to a lack of boat traffic.

People Are Using Their Resources Wisely

Restaurants, pro athletes and business owners have all stepped up to combat the community effects of the novel coronavirus. NBA players are contributing some of their salaries to pay furloughed stadium workers, while Uber Eats is waiving their usual delivery fees to help keep locally owned restaurants in business. Meanwhile, Bill Gates has contributed millions of dollars to speed up development of a COVID-19 treatment.

Communities Are Coming Together to Help Each Other

Despite the need for social distancing, neighbors around the world are volunteering to pick up essentials like groceries and prescription medications for elderly, disabled and immunocompromised people who must remain homebound during this crisis.

103-Year-Old Becomes Oldest Patient to Recover From Coronavirus

In China, a grandmother went home from the hospital after only a few days of treatment – a piece of good news for older people who are having trouble staying hopeful in the face of this pandemic.

Animal Shelters Are Running out of Adoptable Pets

In many places, adoption rates of shelter pets have skyrocketed as people look for animal companionship during self-quarantine. Some shelters are nearly empty, a phenomenon that usually only happens around the holiday season.

Self-Quarantine Is Your Chance to Practice Self-Improvement

With so many households in isolation due to COVID-19, people are seeking new ways to keep themselves and their family members occupied. Now is a perfect opportunity to learn skills such as cooking or gardening – talents that will serve you well in social distancing. You can also take free online classes in any range of subjects from yoga to knitting.

Beach House Remains COVID-19 Symptom-Free

Reading about good news in this time of crisis probably won’t bring our shelter-in-place orders to an end anytime soon, but it will help us keep our spirits up while the scientific community races to find a vaccine that will put an end to the worldwide proliferation of coronavirus.

In the meantime, Beach House is still welcoming new clients who need help recovering from the disease of addiction. At our isolated, private beachfront reserve, we have taken an array of precautionary measures to keep our campus clean. Contact us today to learn more about our safe, comfortable and well-appointed rehab center.