Blog - Beach House Rehab Center
December 8, 2015

What to Expect at Beach House Rehab Center

From the minute you arrive at the Beach House Center for Recovery, you will land in a safe, family-like environment that is welcoming, nurturing and understanding. Your Beach House experience will give you time to heal, reflect and move closer to the productive, sober life you deserve.

Here’s what you can expect:

Support from the beginning.

When you first arrive in town, one of our patient care specialists will greet you at the airport and drive you to our facility. Once you get to Beach House, you will begin the initial phase of your treatment, which may include detox or a period of observation.

A beautiful, tranquil setting.

Beach House Center for Recovery is located near a beach preserve only 1,000 steps from the ocean. It provides a natural retreat-like setting, where you can spend lots of time outside breathing the ocean air.

Targeted treatment.

The clinical aspect of our program begins on day one. As soon as you arrive, we provide a complete history and physical and psychiatric assessment to help us tailor a program specifically for you and your treatment needs.

Evidence-based care.

At Beach House Center for Recovery, we offer the most effective, cutting-edge research-based addiction treatment techniques to give you the best chance for a complete recovery.

A safe detox (if you need one).

Whether you are coming off a substance or not currently using, we will meet all your medical needs. For example, we know research shows cravings for opiates peak at about 10 to 12 days, and we have protocols in place to help clients deal with that step-down process. We will give you all the support and tools you need to leave all substances behind.

Fun activities.

Once you’ve gone through detox and/or been medically cleared, you will begin the active phase of your treatment. At Beach House, our goal is to teach our clients there is a life worth living that doesn’t involve drugs and alcohol. To do this, we offer physical fitness, yoga, art therapy, relaxation and massage. Each client spends at least three mornings a week at the beach, connecting with nature and re-connecting with themselves. The program also includes two weekly massages.

An individualized approach.

We tailor the Beach House experience to each client’s addiction, personality and individual needs. For example, if you experienced trauma as part of your addiction, we have trauma specialists on staff to help you. If you have a mental condition fueling your substance abuse, such as anxiety or depression, we can address that as well.

Well-trained staff.

We offer a wealth of knowledge, both within our facility and through the experts we bring in from outside. Each staff member at Beach House Center for Recovery is highly trained, with years of experience treating addiction. From our skilled chefs who work with nutritionists to meet your dietary needs to the compassionate counselors who support your emotional health, our staff is dedicated to making sure your Beach House experience nurtures you physically and emotionally, and ultimately changes your life.

Psychiatric attention.

Whether your addiction has led to mental problems or you have an underlying diagnosis causing you to self-medicate, we will unravel your puzzle. With a thorough psychiatric evaluation, we will examine your emotional state as well as any psychiatric medications you may be taking to get a complete picture of your psychological health.

Inpatient treatment, followed by outpatient support.

Beach House Center for Recovery offers different program lengths, depending on individual needs. Most of our clients attend the Center for 30 to 60-plus days and continue with outpatient level aftercare.

Targeted counseling.

To support you through the recovery treatment process, Beach House offers both group and individual therapy sessions a few times a week, depending on your specific needs.

Empathetic care.

The atmosphere at The Beach House Center for Recovery is welcoming, compassionate and supportive. Many of our counselors and addiction specialists have walked in your shoes and are now living happy, productive lives. These staff members are ready and waiting to help you do the same.

Through fun, relaxing activities, a tranquil setting and supportive friends, The Beach House Center for Recovery will help you regain control of your life, so you can find your passions and pursue a happier, healthier existence free from the confines of addiction.