Blog - Beach House Rehab Center
December 8, 2015

The Admissions Process: A Walk-Through

While the decision to begin treatment for addiction can be a long, painful struggle, the process of checking into Beach House Center for Recovery is simple and straightforward. We want you and your loved ones to focus on your health, not logistical or financial issues. We’re committed to helping each of our patients get to our facility quickly and safely, to begin a sober life today.

Here’s everything you need to know about the admissions process:

You’re just a phone call away from help.

When you call Beach House, you will be connected to a trained admissions counselor. Our staff is compassionate, understanding and free of judgment. Many have overcome addiction themselves or helped a loved one in recovery. Their priority is helping you get the best treatment possible, as quickly as possible.

In order to learn more about you and your needs, our admissions counselors will take you through an initial assessment. This process takes about 15-20 minutes, and will help us learn about your current situation. While it’s possible to call on behalf of a loved one, our staff will have to talk with the potential patient at some point, in order to best understand his or her medical condition.

After we learn about your clinical and emotional needs, we’ll verify your health insurance information. Depending on your insurance provider, it’s possible to assess how much of your treatment will be covered by your plan within an hour. We can also discuss other options for payment after your initial assessment.

We want to ensure we can create an ideal recovery program for each patient. For that reason, the final step before securing a place at Beach House is determining if the patient is an appropriate fit for our facility. Because you or your loved one is talking directly with admissions counselors, that decision is often made within minutes.

We’ll help with your transition into treatment.

Once we’ve decided you’re a good fit for our program, we’ll schedule your admission to Beach House. We routinely admit people the same day that they call (assuming there is availability), but we also understand that patients might schedule their check-in for a time in the near future.

Because we want our clients to be able to focus on a safe and healthy recovery, we’ll arrange the transportation to Beach House. Our staff will be in touch with you as you travel to our residential facility in Juno Beach, Florida. One of our staff members will pick you up at the baggage claim and drive you to our facility. In some cases, we can arrange a sober coach to travel alongside the patient. You won’t be alone during this transition.

Additionally, our staff can help with other areas of your life that seem to be preventing you from beginning the recovery process. We can work with your employer to arrange leave time. We can talk with your attorney or the court system about legal issues. We can walk your family through your program, so they have a better understanding of your treatment. We’re here to help remove any barriers in the way of your treatment.

Our staff is ready and waiting for you.

After your initial assessment and admission, our medical team will create a treatment plan for you. As soon as you arrive at Beach House, you will be brought to the admissions office. If you arrived after mealtime or weren’t able to eat on your flight, our chef will prepare a meal for you. One of our staff nurses will check your vitals, and then you’ll be brought directly into our 24-hour residential medical facility.

Our goal is to make sure our clients are comfortable and safe. If you need medication for your detox, our medical team will prescribe it immediately. In addition to the 24-hour medical supervision, our space is comfortable and inviting. Our semi-private rooms are modern and beautifully furnished. Beach House is just 1,000 steps from the beach, and our patients breathe in the ocean air daily. Our environment is calming, refreshing and conducive to a new beginning.