The Role of Spirituality in Addiction Recovery

In the realm of addiction treatment, it is widely accepted that some degree of spiritual revelation is required in order to achieve lasting sobriety. This shift does not have to be religious in nature – rather, it can take the form of mindfulness, self-care, and the acknowledgement of a higher power.

Depending on an individual’s preferences, spirituality may include heightened awareness, personal empowerment, intentional lifestyle choices, a set of deeply held values, and the motivation to make real change in one’s life. One of the most common obstacles to spirituality is finding a higher power – for some, this may involve looking to nature for answers. For others, borrowing a sponsor’s higher power until they find their own is a useful approach. Still more people turn to their support group as their higher power. The importance of the higher power is surrender and guidance, not necessarily worship of or belief in God.

Spirituality is different from religion. Religion represents adherence to a set of practices and beliefs that exist to worship a higher power, usually one or more gods. Spirituality, on the other hand, can be defined as the experience of connecting to something larger than one’s self. It usually involves man’s search for meaning and purpose. This journey is an incredibly important aspect of early recovery.

The opposite of addiction is love and connection. Call to begin healing.

Why Spirituality is Integral to Recovery

While in active addiction, a person’s purpose and passion are obscured by drugs and alcohol. In fact, their entire lives center around finding, using, and recovering from their substances of choice. Previous sources of joy – such as relationships, hobbies, or careers – cease to influence an addict. Once drugs and alcohol have been left behind, it is vital to begin searching for greater meaning in one’s life.

Spirituality provides direction, places problems into perspective, and creates a sense of accountability for those beginning the journey to recovery. To learn more about how Beach House incorporates spiritual teachings into our addiction treatment programming, contact us today.