Comfortable Detox

Beach House is Open During COVID-19

Beach House Center for Recovery is open. Find recovery from addiction on our secluded 5 acre campus surrounded by 50 acres of beach preserve. Your safety is our top priority. Beach House’s proactive response to COVID-19 mandates extreme cleanliness; every 30 minutes, our team of 17 housekeepers sanitizes every single door handle and shared surface. Furthermore, each client has been thoroughly screened for symptoms of the coronavirus; our groups are illness-free and held in accordance with CDC guidelines. During these uncertain times, we invite you to make use of our acres of outdoor space as you develop the coping skills necessary for lasting recovery.

Medical Detox from Drugs and Alcohol in Comfort

Roughly one in ten Americans over the age of 12 suffers from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. If you’re among them, you need to know that you’re not alone— and, that you can find lasting freedom from substance abuse. Whether you have tried to stop drinking without success or feel hopelessly dependent on prescription painkillers or an illicit drug, recovery is possible. At Beach House, we show you how, starting with the first essential ingredient of lifelong freedom from addiction: medical detox, which is professionally managed withdrawal from one or more drugs of abuse.

I arrived at Beach House broken and hopeless. The staff took care of me like I was one of their children, and nursed me back to health. – Hakeem
glenn cohen

The Purpose of Detox – What to Expect from Our Florida Medical Detox Program

The purpose of Beach House’s drug and alcohol detox program is to provide clients with a safe, comfortable and complete withdrawal that will help clients transition to the next level of treatment— all within the peace, privacy and convenience of our self-contained, five-acre campus. Our brand-new, state-of-the-art Florida detox center is situated near miles of scenic beach preserve in the beautiful town of Juno Beach. Beach House is also conveniently located near three major airports (Palm Beach International, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International, and Miami International), close to leading area hospitals (Jupiter, JFK, and Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center), and enjoys easy access to one of the nation’s leading recovery hubs (Palm Beach County).

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Here at our “home away from home,” clients in our drug and alcohol detox programs can convalesce in comfort as they receive 24/7, round-the-clock medical monitoring of their withdrawal symptoms by a team of warm, experienced professionals who are there to provide individualized, one-on-one care. Our clients thus have peace of mind knowing they are in good hands.

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Why Choose Our Detox Programs?

Our drug and alcohol detox programs are characterized by a number of unique features that help to explain why our treatment outcomes consistently outperform the industry average— and, why so many clients choose Beach House over other detox centers in Florida and nationwide.

Learn more about our treatment outcomes and the clinical excellence practices that account for them.

Medication-Assisted Treatment – We employ the latest medical advances in treating addiction. One of these is Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). Research shows that short-term MATs for substances like alcohol and opiates can effectively relieve the intensity of cravings and reduce rates of relapse in early recovery.

An OTP-certified, On-Site Pharmacy – Unlike many providers, Beach House enjoys the designation of being an “OTP” or “Opioid Treatment Program,” which is the highest level of certification that an addiction treatment provider can attain, based on a strict accreditation process that requires the oversight and approval of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. Our in-house pharmacy can therefore dispense all medications, from naltrexone to more highly regulated MATs, quickly, conveniently and right on site at our facility.

Our Track Record in the Community as a Trusted Florida Provider – Beach House is known locally for its high safety standards. Our medical staff can and do provide one-on-one, 24/7 medical monitoring to clients who need it. We also have strong working relationships with hospitals in the area, including Jupiter, JFK, and Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, which regularly refer clients to us. Their close proximity also ensures that Beach House clients are guaranteed an extra layer of support and peace of mind in cases of medical emergency.

Unsupervised detox from drugs or alcohol can present real medical danger. Beach House has a highly trained team of medical and clinical practitioners who guide our clients through an evidence-based program of recovery. Our physicians closely monitor any existing conditions so that clients can focus on one thing: getting better.Medical Director Michael Slifer, MD, PhD

Our Facility and Location – Our state-of-the art facility offers a full continuum of substance abuse care, all within the safety and convenience of one peaceful, self-contained campus in sunny Juno Beach, Florida.

Low Client-Therapist Ratio – One way that we strive to measure, cultivate and continually improve therapeutic alliance is by providing a very low client-therapist ratio. In contrast to other drug treatment providers in Florida and nationwide, Beach House offers a strikingly low client-therapist ratio— 7:1 as opposed to the industry average of 11:1. This ensures more personalized attention to treatment needs, even during group therapy sessions.

Therapeutic Alliance – We place a strong emphasis on “therapeutic alliance” (the degree of connection and rapport between a client and their therapist)—and strive to provide this to every client who comes through our doors. Research suggests that a strong therapeutic alliance may be the single biggest predictor of success in recovery.

I’ve personally witnessed what the research also shows: that a strong therapeutic alliance substantially improves clinical outcomes, by boosting client engagement and retention during treatment. – Chief Clinical Officer Anna Ciulla, LMHC, RD, LD

Frequently Asked Questions About Drug and Alcohol Detox at Beach House

Anyone considering detox and treatment for a drug or alcohol problem will naturally have questions about how to prepare for rehab and what to expect. In this section, you’ll find answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about detox. For more detailed, personalized information that addresses your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to call our dedicated counselors, who will be more than happy to assist you. They, uniquely, are on-site at our facility as your first point of contact with the Beach House family.

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions about detox at Beach House and how to prepare for rehab:

What items should I bring?
We encourage clients to pack lightly. For what to bring, please refer to this list of things to bring.

Can my family visit me while I’m in detox?
Detox is a vulnerable period in early recovery when it is not uncommon to experience a mixed bag of often intense physical and emotional symptoms that can raise the risks of relapse. During this phase of early recovery, clients need time and space away from their regular surroundings in order to rest, focus and prepare themselves for an intensive daily routine of group and individual therapies. Like the detox process, these treatments will require clients’ full availability and participation, so we strive to minimize outside distractions.

We therefore discourage family visits during detox. Through our Family Program, however, we give families the option of receiving weekly updates from their loved one’s primary therapist. We also give families the opportunity to visit with their loved one in a safe and supportive, therapeutic setting.

Learn more about our Family Program— especially our Two-Day Intensive Family Workshops.

How much does detox cost?
Many insurance plans fully cover detox services, and most insurance providers offer at least partial coverage. Beach House accepts most private insurance plans. We also strive to make detox and treatment affordable for clients who do not have insurance, by offering flexible payment plans and budgeting consultations.

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