Health Benefits of the Beach

Recover on the Beach

For almost all of human history, the sea has served as a healing place to recover from all ails. Today, we know that the restorative properties of the beach are confirmed by scientific research. The sun, sand, and surf all contribute to the unique recovery experience at Beach House Recovery Center.


The Sun

Perhaps the first, most obvious benefit of time on the beach is regular exposure to the sun. Getting outside on a bright day boosts your mood; when sunlight hits your skin, vitamin D production is stimulated. As your body heats up and begins to sweat, the skin releases toxins and circulation increases. Just be sure to put on protective sunscreen before falling asleep on the sand!


The Sand

Walking in the sand is a bit more challenging, which means that you’ll burn almost double the calories while walking or running in it. We offer runs along the shore for those enrolled in our inpatient programming, and they are often cited as one of the most meditative, invigorating parts of our experience.


The Surf

Saltwater has many direct and indirect effects on the human body. The ocean itself infuses the air with negative ions, which are charged particles that neutralize free radicals and enhance immune function. This is incredibly helpful for those in the earliest stages of recovery. Saltwater also accelerates the healing process of cuts and sores. And of course, listening to the waves crash on the shore can be extremely meditative, which encourages reflection and relaxation during your stay at Beach House.


Experience the Beach House Difference

Beach House is surrounded by natural beauty; our five-acre campus is located steps from the water in the small coastal town of Juno Beach, Florida. Our state-of-the-art buildings are brand new and beautifully furnished, ensuring that your time in recovery is as restorative as possible. To learn more about how we incorporate beach activities into our programming, contact our admissions team today.