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January 21, 2020

Reasons to Choose Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment

If you’ve been exploring addiction rehab options for yourself or someone you care about, you’ve probably come across the phrase “evidence-based addiction treatment.” While it’s true that this approach to recovery is one quality that sets facilities like Beach House apart from the rest of the crowd, you might not have read a full description of why evidence-based treatment is so successful in helping people achieve long-term recovery from their addictions.

What Is Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment?

The scientific method is a dependable way to determine the efficacy of a specific approach. The scientific method begins by asking a question, then doing research and testing to determine if the process is working. If the process does produce the expected results, they must be repeatable.

Evidence-based addiction treatment, then, must meet the standards of the scientific method and provide a reliable, tested approach to helping people recover from substance misuse disorders. It is organized and follows the same steps in the same order, so that each person who enters receives a consistently high level of care.

Questions to Ask Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment Facilities

As you are researching treatment programs, one of your chief concerns is probably finding a program that has a high rate of success. To this end, you should consider asking the following questions.

By carefully investigating a facility’s methods and approach to treatment before entering a program, you can find the one that is likely to work best for you.

What the Research Tells Us

The current science of addiction recovery has taught us that addiction is a complex disease that alters brain chemistry. While there is no known cure for addiction, people can learn to manage the symptoms and go on to live healthy lives.

This evidence-based finding means that addiction treatment is most likely to succeed when it teaches a person with substance misuse how to address the root causes of the disease through proven therapeutic approaches.

Evidence-based addiction treatment that results in long-term recovery typically includes the following elements along the continuum of care:

  • Medically supervised detox, in which a team of clinical professionals monitors withdrawal symptoms and administers medications as needed
  • Individual therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, which help change thinking patterns from negative to positive and focus on minimizing addiction triggers
  • Participation in 12-step recovery groups that help form a foundation for long-lasting sobriety
  • Learning healthy life skills and relapse prevention techniques
  • Medication-assisted treatment, as necessary, to ease drug or alcohol cravings in the transition from addiction to recovery
  • An aftercare program that includes outpatient treatment, family therapy, maintenance therapies, life coaching and access to support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Post-treatment tools that help sustain lifetime abstinence from drugs and alcohol

A Standard of Clinical Excellence

At Beach House, our exacting standards set us apart as a world-class treatment center. We emphasize the emotional connection between our clients and their therapists, which we call the “therapeutic alliance.” Current research has demonstrated a correlation between positive treatment outcomes and the quality of the client-therapist bond. We provide ongoing training to our clinical staff to help them learn to create and nurture the therapeutic alliance.

We also encourage our clients to take a hands-on role in their treatment plan. In doing so, they not only become more invested in their recovery process, but they also can help determine the ultimate direction their healing journey will take.

At our beautiful beach retreat, you will find both serenity and strength to pursue the difficult, but rewarding, work to regain your mental, spiritual and physical well-being. Contact us anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for confidential addiction help.