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March 3, 2016

Overcoming the Fear of Drug Detox

Overcoming the Fear of DetoxWhen people list the reasons why they can’t get clean, fear of detox ranks at the top of the list. In many cases, people struggle with addictions far too long because their worries about drug detox and treatment hold them back. By their nature, addictions are rooted in fear; many addicts are looking for a way to escape the things in life that cause them stress or trepidation. Fear in any form can become a real roadblock on the journey to recovery.

Maybe a person who has been through detox before does not want to re-experience the unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal. For others, it’s fear of the unknown that keeps them from getting clean. In both cases, as with most kinds of fear, the best way to deal is to face it head on.

As you prepare to make the courageous move of starting your detox, keep the following in mind:

A residential treatment facility will give you the support you need.

Withdrawal symptoms can be unpleasant—this is a fact. However, withdrawal symptoms are different for each person, so your experience will not necessarily be the same as others you may have heard about. Quality residential facilities have trained staff members who will make your detox as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Facing your fears will build your confidence.

Many people abuse drugs and alcohol to mask their feelings of helplessness and make them feel more self-assured. In reality, drugs and alcohol only create false confidence and strip real self-assurance away. Conquering detox and rehab will give you a genuine sense of confidence and help you regain real control over your life once again.

Education will help pave the way.

When it comes to facing drug detox, knowledge is power. The more you can find out about the process, the better prepared you will be. Do some research online about drug withdrawal symptoms, but make sure you stick to reliable sources. You can also find out more about withdrawal here. Once you get to your recovery center, ask the staff about what you can expect during detox and what they will do to make you feel more comfortable.

Remember, drug detox will end. 

As you contemplate getting sober, detox can seem like an insurmountable hurdle. It is not. Depending on how long you’ve been addicted and the substance you’ve been taking, the peak symptoms of detox usually only last for a couple days to a week. Once you get through detox, you can focus on continuing to heal and building a healthier, substance-free life.

In a recovery center, you will have lots of support.

Not only will you have trained staff members to help get you through detox, but you will be surrounded by people who are going through the same thing. The recovering addicts around you will also be facing their detox fears, as well as coping with the feelings of guilt, loneliness and shame that can accompany addiction. As you go through detox and the rest of your treatment for drug abuse, you will not be alone.

You will get help for the part of treatment that follows detox, too.

Once you get through detox, a good inpatient treatment center will help you continue to get well. With counseling, nutrition, activities, and group therapy, you will gain the skills necessary to maintain sobriety when you get back home.

Detox is worth it.

As you weigh the discomfort of withdrawal against the upheaval drug abuse has caused in your life, you will see that detox is worth it. After all, it’s not withdrawal you should be worried about—it’s the drug addiction itself. By getting clean and sober, you will regain control and start living the happy life you deserve.