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Going to an out-of-town treatment facility.
February 12, 2017

Location is Key: Find the Best Treatment Facility for You

Going to an out-of-town treatment facility.Making the decision to go into treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is both highly personal and incredibly life-affirming. Still, it’s often difficult to navigate the different options and settle upon the treatment facility that’s best for you. As in real estate, when it comes to choosing the best treatment facility for you, location is key.


A logical question might be, why is location so important? There are numerous reasons to begin with location, any one of which might resonate higher with one person than the next. Yet each are considerations that matter:

  • Close to home or out-of-state. For some, the decision to enter treatment is predicated on the ability of loved ones and family members to easily visit. Since treatment often has a family component and/or participation in family programs, proximity to home may be desirable. Others seeking treatment feel a strong need to make a complete break from a current environment to heal and may wish to choose a treatment facility that’s out of state or in another area of the same state.
  • Treatment facility specialization. With many choices for treatment available, it makes sense to select one that specializes in treating the condition or conditions you have. For example, if you have a co-occurring mental health disorder and alcohol addiction, a facility that specializes in concurrent treatment of both is a better choice than one that only treats alcohol or drug addiction.
  • Availability of certain treatment modalities and lifestyle activities. In the healing process, which involves a comprehensive and coordinated treatment plan, you want to ensure that you have access to the latest and research-based proven treatment techniques. These include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), experiential therapy, psychotherapy, individual and group counseling. In addition, lifestyle activities that a treatment facility offers can make healing from addiction more approachable, meaningful and enriching. These include yoga, meditation, tai chi, massage therapy, acupuncture and various recreational activities, in combination with treatment modalities.
  • Accreditation and certification of treatment facility. While there may be several treatment facilities nearby, if they’re not accredited and certified, they’re probably not the best choice. It’s important to know what type of accreditation and certification the treatment facility has, since these provide reassurance that the center is reliable. Look for behavioral healthcare accreditation and certification from The Joint Commission.
  • Inpatient residential or outpatient facility. The choice of going into in-patient residential versus outpatient treatment depends on the diagnosis, history of drug and alcohol abuse, insurance coverage or ability to pay, existence of any other medical or mental health conditions and other considerations.
  • Large or small. Sometimes the determination of the best treatment facility comes down to a preference for a large or small footprint. While a larger treatment facility may have more to offer in the way of certain amenities, treatments and activities, there’s no denying the appeal of a small, intimate facility that’s dedicated to highly-intensive individual treatment.
  • Availability of aftercare. Continued support after completing treatment is a vital part of ongoing, effective recovery. Aftercare may consist of weekend seminars or retreats, continuing care, family therapy, or referral to therapists or groups in your home city. Not every drug and alcohol treatment facility offers aftercare. Here is another instance where the location of the best treatment facility for you makes a difference. All things considered, go for the treatment center that can help provide this support in recovery.


The benefits of a vacation are well understood. Why not take that concept a bit further to consider the therapeutic benefits of getting away for treatment? Location is often a key component in any vacation decision, and the same holds true for making a choice to go away for effective drug and alcohol treatment.

Some of the advantages of checking out a new location for a treatment facility include:

  • There are no distractions. When you go away for treatment, you’re not bothered by the need to take the kids to and from school, scramble to attend to the needs of the boss, pay the bills, do household tasks or take care of other responsibilities. You’re here for one thing only: getting treatment to overcome addiction.
  • The atmosphere is relaxing. Going to treatment in a far-off location may sound particularly inviting, particularly one in a setting that’s conducive to relaxation. And it can be all that and more.
  • You’re free to explore a healthy lifestyle. Away from the duties and responsibilities at home and work, there’s opportunity to get involved in activities and recreational pursuits that can help you develop healthy behaviors. Finding you have an interest in something that’s good for you can give you an outlet to better cope with life’s stresses once you return home.
  • It’s temptation-free. When there’s no access to drugs or alcohol, you’re better able to concentrate on your recovery.
  • No one needs to know all about you. Since this isn’t your home environment, you likely don’t know anyone else there, either. You’re free to focus on the primary reason you’re there: to heal from addiction.
  • You benefit from a refreshing new environment. Everything is tailored to promote healing, from the food you eat to the décor and layout of your accommodations to the size of the therapeutic groups, treatment staff and variety of opportunities to interact with others and learn healthier ways to live drug- and alcohol-free.


In the end, the final determination of where you go for the best treatment must suit your needs and desires. This may mean doing considerable research to find the most appropriate facility to help you achieve your sobriety goals. The strong motivation you have to overcome addiction will help drive your choice of treatment facility, whatever its location turns out to be.