What to Expect After Treatment

Completing primary addiction treatment is a great accomplishment. Whether you’re in attendance for 35 days or 60+, you have taken the first step to building a strong foundation in recovery. As your time in residential treatment comes to a conclusion, it’s natural to wonder about next steps. Here’s some insight into what to expect after treatment.

Create a Plan

Every resident of our programs will work with one of our addiction professionals to create a treatment plan. This serves as your roadmap to recovery, and it will include plans for follow-up appointments, outpatient programming, and sober living opportunities.

Our recovery recommendations regularly involve attending a minimum of three different meetings per week, taking all medications as directed, and attending family therapy. We also assist individuals with professional planning, including submitting job applications and visiting potential employers until one’s application goal is met.

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Long-Term Treatment and Continuing Support

Research shows that long-term treatment is the surest indicator of positive outcomes. After one year of successful abstinence and long-term rehab services, relapse rates dramatically lower. At Beach House, we offer long-term residential treatment programs that last 60 days or more, according to client needs.

For those completing residential treatment, continuing support is recommended. This could take several forms. Beach House recommends step-down levels of care, meaning that after discharge, a client would begin to attend one of our intensive outpatient programs.

Individual therapy should also be continued. At Beach House, we offer a minimum of three months of ongoing individual weekly sessions. These are provided by a certified therapist; modalities include trauma-informed therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and motivational interviewing.

We also provide access to medication management services and sober living environments, ensuring that clients are properly able to continue medication-assisted treatment in a safe location. These offerings serve as a support system after the cessation of inpatient treatment. To learn more about our continuing care offerings, contact Beach House today.