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how to stay healthy after recovery.
October 1, 2017

Keep Learning: About Ways to Stay Happy and Healthy

how to stay healthy after recovery.It’s September, and education is on everyone’s mind. Just because you’re no longer in school doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take every opportunity to increase your knowledge—especially about topics related to recovery and sober living.


  1. Most people have innate “happiness set points” that considerably influence their ability to be cheerful and optimistic.
  2. Fifteen minutes of vigorous laughter burns up to 40 calories.
  3. Scientists have recognized over a dozen types of smiles, including “amused,” “embarrassed,” “nervous” and “polite.”
  4. According to research, Scandinavia is the happiest part of the world.
  5. March 20 has been designated International Day of Happiness by the United Nations.
  6. Growing older needn’t be depressing. Forty-one percent of Americans over age 65 consider themselves “very happy,” as opposed to just over 30% of adults under age 30.
  7. The chemical compounds that produce the smell of flowers also elevate human mood and sharpen brain function. If you struggle with depression or chronic fatigue, it might help to pin a fresh flower on your collar or in your hair.
  8. People who regularly practice generosity—through large actions or small—are physically and mentally healthier, live longer and enjoy stronger personal relationships. However, this applies only to generous acts done freely and not out of “obligation.”
  9. Over 25% of doctor visits involve psychosomatic symptoms—pains or other physical complaints generated by stress rather than diagnosable illness. If you have chronic complaints your regular M.D. can’t link to any medical issue, talk to a therapist or psychiatrist.
  10. The strength of your immune system goes up and down with your level of positive emotions.
  11. A sedentary lifestyle kills as many people as does smoking. Experts recommend getting at least 20–30 minutes of brisk exercise each day.
  12. Preparing most of your own meals, rather than eating in restaurants, can cut your risk of obesity in half.



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Whole Foods Market
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The famous organized-activities organization has over 10,000 U.S. campuses with child and adult programs focused on community development, physical activity and social responsibility. Its website’s News & Media page provides up-to-date information on healthy and wholesome activities.