Integrated Trauma Treatment

Trauma and Addiction

The word trauma covers many negative life events. It is defined as an experience in which an individual fears for their safety, undergoes intense pain, or witnesses a tragic event. In some instances, trauma is chronic, or ongoing. In other cases, the trauma is limited to one incredibly disturbing instance – this is called acute trauma.

Traumatic events may include child abuse, domestic violence, serious injury or illness, accidents (such as car crashes or falls), neglect, sexual assault, being the victim of a crime, combat, natural disasters, or witnessing the death or injury of others.

Unfortunately, trauma and addiction are very often connected. Those who experience traumatic events are more likely to turn to substance use, and addicts are actually more likely to experience further trauma. Research shows that between 35 and 75% of veterans who have been diagnosed with PTSD misuse drugs or alcohol, and that a child who has been traumatized is up to 46 times more likely to become an injection drug user than his peers.

Because this connection is so strong, we believe that integrated trauma treatment is a requirement for a successful addiction treatment program.

What is Integrated Trauma Treatment?

Integrated treatment is the use of a blend of methods, both holistic and clinical, to alleviate the symptoms associated with trauma. Individual and group therapies provide a warm, comforting environment in which to process one’s past and work towards a better future.

Therapeutic modalities used for the treatment of trauma include:
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Motivational Interviewing (MI)
Trauma Resolution (role-play exercises, one-on-one therapy, coping skills)

At Beach House, our mission is Love and Connection. Addiction is rooted in adverse life experiences and early life traumas, and we understand that the only way to address these issues is to connect to them. By connecting with the emotional damage created by trauma, awareness is fostered, and true healing can begin.

We help you to recover with compassion and empathy.

Trauma Treatment for Addiction

Our philosophy is that an addicted life is one of isolation, lies, shame, guilt, and secrets. A connected life is one of honesty, self-forgiveness, vulnerability, and healing. If you would like to experience Beach House’s renowned trauma treatment program for yourself, please contact us today. Our friendly staff are standing by to answer any and all questions you may have.