Does Independence Blue Cross Cover Detox and Rehab?

Beach House works with Independence Blue Cross (IBX) so that you can get the treatment you need. IBX provides comprehensive insurance coverage for addiction, drug dependence and substance abuse.

About Independence Blue Cross Health Insurance Plans for Rehab

Depending on your policy, you may be covered for substance abuse treatment in the form of inpatient services, partial hospitalization programs and intensive outpatient programs. Check your individual policy for details. Substance abuse services may require preapproval, which means your primary care physician or provider will need to contact IBX with information to support the request for services. The Clinical Services team (made up of physicians and nurses) then evaluates the proposed treatment to determine eligibility for benefits and notifies your doctor of approval.

What are the additional expenses that I am expected to be responsible for?

Your level of coverage depends on your plan. You may be responsible for a deductible and/or copay for services, depending on your plan. Consult your policy for details.

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Beach House Rehab Center Accepts Independence Blue Cross Insurance

The most convenient and quickest way to understand the coverage you are entitled to for detox and recovery coverage through IBX is to call our insurance assistance specialist at 855-791-4584. We will work directly with IBX on your behalf to surface all applicable benefits based on your individual policy. This can usually be achieved in 45 minutes or less.

Here at Beach House, we know that trying to understand insurance coverage can be overwhelming. We can reduce that stress by working directly with IBX to ensure we surface all applicable benefits to drug and alcohol detox and treatment. Call us at 855-791-4584, and we will be able to identify your benefits within an hour.