Does Beacon Health Options Cover Detox and Rehab?

Yes, Beacon Health Options plans provide comprehensive coverage for addiction treatment services. Within their offerings, these are branded as specialty mental health and substance use disorder (MHSUD) solutions. Beacon provides a wide range of rehabilitation options; key among these are…

  • Acute detoxification
  • Inpatient rehab
  • Outpatient addiction treatment

In addition, they have specialty solutions for specific mental health and substance abuse concerns, which include an autism program, opioid management program, depression management, and psychiatric disability management. In order to ensure the best possible outcomes, Beacon seeks an integrated treatment model like the approach used at Beach House. At our dual diagnosis facility, we help individuals to overcome addiction and co-occurring mental illness, trauma, and other concerns simultaneously.

About Beacon Health Insurance Plans for Rehab

A subsidiary of FHC Health Systems, Inc., Beacon Health Options offers a broad assortment of large regional and specialty health insurance plans for employers and labor organizations, along with federal, state, and local governments. Their behavioral healthcare management services are meant to encourage work/life balance, improved delivery of care, and reduced stigma in the treatment of substance use disorders.

Beach House Rehab Center Accepts Beacon Health Insurance

Generally, Beacon will cover inpatient or residential rehab, with a focus on facilities which provide dual diagnosis treatment. Because their benefits programs are customized for each client, your exact coverage level will need to be determined by one of our insurance experts. This process is quick and easy – in just under an hour, we will work with Beacon Health Options on your behalf, identifying your benefits and treatment options.

In most instances, Beacon will cover inpatient services like individual and group therapies, psychological assessments, medical exams, and residential costs associated with your stay.

To get started, contact Beach House today. Our insurance specialists are standing by to help you begin your journey to recovery.

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