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sober valentine's day
February 5, 2021

How to Celebrate a Sober Valentine’s Day

Holidays like Valentine’s Day can represent a challenge to your recovery goals, even if you have several months or years of sobriety under your belt. If you typically used special occasions as an excuse to get intoxicated, you could struggle with the idea of a sober Valentine’s Day. Here are seven ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without drinking or drug use. 

1. Shake up Date Night

If your idea of a romantic Valentine’s celebration has traditionally included a fancy dinner with wine or cocktails, you might find yourself at a loss now that you’re sober. But remember, the spirit of Valentine’s Day revolves around showing people in your life how much you love them. With that in mind, come up with some alternative date night ideas that don’t involve alcohol, like preparing a delicious dessert and enjoying it together. Or, gather some art supplies and try a YouTube painting tutorial to stretch your creative skills.

2. Share Your Love

Addiction recovery isn’t a solo journey. Think about sending flowers, chocolates or Valentine’s cards to people who have formed the backbone of your sober support network, such as: 

  • Your therapist
  • Close family members or friends
  • Your sponsor
  • People you’ve met in your recovery group who have provided helpful advice

Even a small gesture, like a “thinking-of-you” phone call or text message, will let people know you care about and appreciate them.

3. Schedule a Self-Care Day

You don’t need to be part of a couple to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Show yourself some love by setting aside time for self-care. Even if you don’t feel comfortable going to a massage therapist, salon or day spa due to COVID-19, you can do some at-home pampering with a relaxing bath, aromatherapy, DIY face mask or gentle yoga stretches. Put on soothing music, make yourself a mug of herbal tea and let yourself daydream. 

4. Talk to Your Therapist

If you’re already experiencing some anxiety about Valentine’s Day and worried that the occasion will lead to triggers and cravings, set up an appointment to talk with your counselor virtually or over the phone. You might need an extra therapy session to get through a sober Valentine’s Day and avoid a return to alcohol misuse. Give yourself the gift of that time. 

5. Plan a Digital Detox

The news was stressful even in pre-pandemic times, but now that our nation is experiencing multiple crises simultaneously, the daily headlines can be anxiety-inducing. If you have a habit of checking your phone every time a new notification pings, or scrolling through social media while you fold laundry or make dinner, try stepping away for a much-needed mental health break. Doing a digital detox can help you develop more mindfulness and steer clear of upsetting or alarming news updates. 

6. Go for a Walk

Exercise is a crucial part of your recovery process. February can be chilly, but if there’s no snow or ice on the ground and the weather forecast is clear, bundle up and take a walk with your special someone. The fresh air will help restore your spirits, and being outdoors will net you some mental health benefits, too.

7. Volunteer

Put a new twist on the holiday by volunteering on Valentine’s Day – either with your partner or by yourself. Giving back to your community will provide a sense of connectedness, and helping others in need will put things in perspective by letting you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. You’ll also get a mood boost from helping people or animals who have experienced adversity.

Change Your Lifestyle at Beach House

At Beach House, our commitment to creating a compassionate culture is part of everything we do. This Valentine’s Day, show yourself some love by starting your sobriety journey at our beautiful Florida rehab facility. We have earned nationwide recognition for our commitment to evidence-based practices. Connect with our admissions counselors when you’re ready to learn more.