Addiction Treatment for Professionals

In providing world-class substance abuse care, our rehab center often interfaces with physicians, nurses, psychiatrists, lawyers, and private therapists and clinicians. For these professionals who refer their clients or patients to Beach House, the pressures of getting someone in their care urgently needed and effective treatment are already high enough. In addition to wanting only the very best treatment for their client/patient, they have enough to worry about. These professionals have other patients/clients to attend to and juggle enough work-related stress that they need to know that a referral to Beach House will not mean any more work for them —and, that it will be their client/patient’s very best healthcare option.

We also recognize that deciding on the right drug and alcohol treatment program can be difficult, and that when you entrust your client/patient into our care at Beach House, you are putting your faith in us. We deeply value that trust and seek to honor it however we can.

Benefits to Treatment

For these reasons, we offer the following benefits to professionals who refer their clients/patients to our drug and alcohol treatment programs:

  • The assurance that your client/patient will receive individualized treatment specific to their needs
  • Same-day admission into our program (so your client/patient can enter treatment as early as within 24 hours after first contact with us)
  • Our management of all of the research, paperwork and logistics surrounding admission into our program, including transportation to our facility, so that you conveniently don’t have to be responsible for these duties
  • Verification of insurance benefits and coverage confirmation that’s also on our shoulders, not yours
  • Completion of client/patient assessments to coordinate logistics for bed-to-bed transfer
  • As much inclusion and participation in the treatment planning and discharge process as you’d like
  • Secure releases for ongoing communication
  • Our continuity-of-care promise that when your client/patient leaves our care, we’ll refer them back to you for ongoing treatment
  • Collegiality in our treatment approach, so that you can know that when you speak with us we’ll be personally attentive to your concerns
  • A mutually enriching, long-term provider-to-provider relationship

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The Discharge Planning Process — How It Works

During the discharge planning process, one of our highly competent admissions counselors manages all details and logistics around admission of your client/patient into our inpatient program. This member of our staff:

  • Conducts insurance benefit verification
  • Completes the initial patient assessment, via a brief phone consultation
  • Initiates the pre-certification process necessary to authorizing treatment
  • Manages all communication with your client/patient’s insurance company
  • Chooses the proper plan of care based on your client/patient’s clinical and financial needs

Key Benefits of Our Drug and Alcohol Detox and Treatment Programs

  • Physician-supervised medical detox and residential treatment all at our one facility
  • Addiction treatment therapies that are nationally recognized “best practices,” having proven their effectiveness in clinical trials
  • JCAHO accredited staff, facility and programming
  • A comprehensive continuum of care that begins as early as the intervention and extends as far as a robust program of continuing care, aftercare services and alumni services