Addiction Treatment for Military Families

At Beach House, we understand the unique stresses faced by service members and their families. While their loved ones are on the front lines, military spouses and children often struggle with substance abuse and mental illness back home. Our facility in Juno Beach, Florida provides comprehensive addiction treatment for military families.


Military Addiction Treatment

Substance use disorders are unfortunately common among active duty personnel and veterans. Zero-tolerance policies, a lack of confidentiality, and fear of punishment may prevent those with careers in the armed forces from seeking help. Veterans are at high risk of addiction – research shows that one in ten will be diagnosed with a substance use disorder.

Military servicemen and women face unique difficulties in their line of work. Combat exposure, deployment, and reintegration can all result in an increased risk of substance abuse or mental health concerns. Fortunately, comprehensive addiction treatment is available for soldiers and their families.


Beach House Treats Military Family Members

Living on the home front comes with its own set of challenges. Spouses and children left behind may feel an intense sense of loneliness and abandonment. Long deployments can result in family hardships and difficulty connecting with the service member upon their return.

One study of Army wives found that over 30 percent of spouses of deployed soldiers had at least one mental health diagnosis. That number doubled when their spouse had been gone for over 11 months. In an effort to cope with stress and mental illness, these women were more likely to struggle with substance abuse than those whose spouses were at home. For this reason, it is vital that military families receive the support and treatment they need.

“The mission to serve our military through this contract has personal impact for me,” says Sariah Hopkins, Beach House’s Chief Financial Officer. “I grew up as the dependent child in a multi-generational military family and have seen firsthand the need for access to quality care among TRICARE Members. Our focus on outstanding treatment provides us with the opportunity to make a lasting impact for the families that have served our country.”


In-Network TRICARE Addiction Treatment in Florida

At Beach House, we believe that addiction treatment for military families should be accessible and affordable for all. That’s why we have partnered with TRICARE to provide addiction treatment services as an in-network provider. As with all insurance plans, different levels of coverage exist within TRICARE. Our insurance experts will work directly with your provider to determine which services are best for you, and which are included in your plan.

TRICARE covers…


Get Help for Addiction Today

TRICARE only covers proven therapies that are considered medically necessary. Our comprehensive, evidence-based addiction treatment meets these criteria. At Beach House, we have developed a proven approach to treatment for veterans, active duty service members, and military families.

We serve families based at Florida military bases, including Eglin Air Force Base, Hurlburt Field, Patrick Air Force Base, Macdill, Tyndall, Blount Island, NAS Key West, the Naval and Army Reserves, and others.

For more information about our programming, please contact us today. Our admissions team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Florida addiction treatment for military families.

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