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Beach House Rehab & Treatment Center Campus is COVID-19 Symptom-Free

  • Secluded 5 acre beachside campus surrounded by 50 acres of beach preserve
  • Comprehensive Medical & Psychiatric Care
  • Personalized Treatment Plans
  • Insurance May Cover the Cost of Treatment

Our Treatment is Covered by Most Insurance Companies


Getting the drug treatment you need during COVID-19

  • Secluded 5 acre beachside campus surrounded by 50 acres of beach preserve
  • Extreme proactive cleanliness including 17 housekeepers sanitizing every door handle every 30 min
  • Covid symptom free group of clients
  • Acres of outdoor usable area
  • Groups being held outside at 6 ft distance

Your safety is our top priority. Beach House’s proactive response to COVID-19 mandates extreme cleanliness; every 30 minutes, our team of 17 housekeepers sanitizes every single door handle and shared surface. Furthermore, each client has been thoroughly screened for symptoms of the coronavirus; our groups are illness-free and held in accordance with CDC guidelines. We believe it is of utmost importance to prioritize your health, safety, and healing, and we will take every step to do so.

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Why a Florida Rehab Experience?

“Why a Florida rehab experience and not another?” Both Floridians and non-Floridians seeking help for a drug or alcohol problem stand to benefit from the answer. That’s because the location of a prospective rehab facility can either help or hinder the journey to full and lasting freedom from an addiction.

Here’s how a Florida rehab experience uniquely boosts your chances of lifelong sobriety and a future that’s invigorated by people, purpose and passion:

  • The privacy, serenity and natural beauty of our location provides just the right, retreat-like ambience you’ll need to find opportunities for rest and reflection throughout your inpatient treatment.The doors of our facility open up to Florida’s beautiful shoreline a short walk away and miles of pristine beach preserve etched by walking trails. The privacy and serenity of these surroundings, protected as they are from the distracting hustle, bustle and stress of your old life, help to anchor and support the work of connecting and reconnecting (with yourself, with others and with your Higher Power) that you’ll be doing here in treatment. Building these connections is critical to embracing your future free of addiction, a future shaped by people, purpose and passion.

Don’t suffer another day. Call us today. We can help you move from pain to healing and freedom.

About Beach House Center for Recovery

Glenn Cohen, Founder & CEO, Beach House Center for Recovery

“Sobriety is not the opposite of addiction. It is living a loving and connected life. And sobriety is a natural byproduct of living and loving and connected life.”

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Access to the Latest Advances in Addiction Treatment

The unprecedented scope of recovery resources we enjoy in Palm Beach, Florida also means our staff always has its hands on the pulse of the most innovative strategies and therapies in recovery, with the result that our clients are the first to benefit. They thus enjoy the latest advances in addiction treatment and can rest assured they’re only getting the very best practices in the field of addiction recovery.

And that’s not all. Clients graduating from our inpatient programs can continue to draw on a breathtaking supply of resources and relationships to support their recovery needs over the longer haul — all thanks to location, location, location.

"Why choose our Florida rehab facility?" "Why wouldn’t you?" is really the question.

For more information about our Florida rehab programs, call us today at 855.978.9012. One of our caring and knowledgeable admissions counselors will be glad to answer any questions, including concerns about costs and insurance.

Your Florida rehab experience is waiting — don’t let your recovery wait any longer. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call.

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