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August 29, 2022

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Symptoms

If you’re hoping to start or add to your family or are currently pregnant, quitting drinking is one of the best things you can do to ensure fewer complications during pregnancy and delivery. Blood alcohol passes to a growing baby through the umbilical cord and can cause a host of developmental problems, such as stunted brain growth. The collective name for these issues is fetal alcohol syndrome.

What Is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

A child exposed to alcohol in the womb may experience a range of ailments, including low birth weight, learning disabilities, delayed speech and language acquisition, poor coordination and hyperactivity. Fetal alcohol syndrome can affect babies in different ways, ranging from mild to severe.  

The intellectual disabilities and behavioral problems associated with fetal alcohol syndrome could cause children to do poorly in school and have difficulties with math, memory, attention, judgment and impulse control. Children with this condition may also have physical disabilities like vision and hearing problems and damaged bones and organs.

Is There a Cure for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

Though alcohol’s effects on a developing baby’s brain and body are irreversible, early diagnosis and care can improve quality of life for a child born with fetal alcohol syndrome. While not all children will respond identically to treatment, examples of effective interventions can include speech and occupational therapy, mental health evaluation and special educational services starting as early as preschool.

Some mild cases of this condition go undetected until adulthood, with people struggling for years to find answers about why they have trouble performing daily life skills like counting money and telling time. A health professional who specializes in treating fetal alcohol syndrome in adults can develop a customized treatment plan that may include a combination of medication and evidence-based therapies.

Accredited Alcohol Use Treatment in Florida

Remember, there is no safe time to drink alcohol during pregnancy or when trying to conceive. Additionally, all types of alcohol are equally harmful, including beer and wine. To improve your health and well-being, immediately stop using alcohol if there is any chance you might be pregnant.

If you have tried to quit drinking and found it too much of a challenge, talk to your doctor about fetal alcohol syndrome and other risks of alcohol abuse during pregnancy. Enrolling in an alcohol treatment program can help you get sober and equip you with the coping skills you need to live a healthy, fulfilling life. At Beach House, our industry-leading rehab programs can increase your chances of delivering a healthy baby and sparing your child from the adverse childhood experience of having a parent with a substance use disorder.

We understand the unique issues women face in addiction recovery, and we’ve designed programming to address these needs. To start your journey to becoming a more responsible, attentive and emotionally available parent, reach out to our admissions team today.