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December 23, 2020

Family Intensives for Addiction Recovery

As much relief as you’ll probably feel when your loved one enters substance abuse treatment, you may still find yourself struggling with the impact their self-destructive behavior has had on your emotional well-being. Due to addiction’s ripple effects, this illness doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Every relationship in the addict’s life can suffer, especially the connections they have with their nearest and dearest. 

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration recommends that addiction treatment can have better outcomes if the abuser’s closest family are also involved in the process. If you don’t take an active role in learning about substance abuse and how it can affect your family, you might hinder your loved one’s recovery.

What Are Family Intensives?

The goal of family intensives is to help strengthen family members’ healthy communication skills, so everyone feels more comfortable addressing difficult topics. 

Addiction can adversely affect the entire family dynamic, causing tremendous stress and strain within close relationships. Because of the interconnected nature of substance abuse disorders and dysfunctions like codependency and enabling, being able to identify these behaviors in your situation can help you move forward and learn to set appropriate boundaries.  

In Beach House’s two-day family intensive workshop, you can start working to identify the underlying causes of your family’s most significant problems. You will learn how to listen to each other without judgment and how to take a more compassionate, empathetic approach to solving challenges together.

Beach House’s addiction specialists have designed our family intensive program to teach family members about the disease of addiction and help you understand what a successful treatment program should entail. You’ll also receive the compassionate support necessary for you to begin your healing process. 

Moving Forward as a Family

Incorporating family therapy into substance abuse treatment can leverage your family’s unique strengths and resources to help your addicted loved one learn to avoid triggers, conquer cravings and be less vulnerable to a relapse. In your family intensive, you will have access to the same support and healing as the person you care about, which can help you make valuable progress in your life. 

Addiction is a complex disease, but genetics are one factor that can make someone more susceptible to developing a problematic relationship with drugs and alcohol. By participating in family therapy, you can also stay on track with your goal of preventing substance abuse from getting passed down to the next generation.

Though our society has made some progress in developing a more progressive mindset, there are still many ways we can work to end the stigma associated with substance abuse and the need to seek help. Education is one key to helping accomplish this objective. The more you know about the root causes of your loved one’s addiction, the more supportive you will be as a family member.

The Beach House Difference

Some addiction treatment centers discourage communication with family members or involving close relatives in the recovery journey. However, at Beach House, we believe family engagement can significantly improve long-term recovery outcomes. Inviting our clients’ families to take an active role in the healing journey is part of our compassionate culture

Once your loved one enrolls in one of our treatment programs, you will be eligible to participate in our two-day family intensive workshop. Because we recognize addiction recovery can have many emotional ups and downs, you’ll also have ongoing access to our family wellness program to meet your needs as they arise – even after your family member gets discharged from rehab.  

If you have a loved one living with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, Beach House has taken steps to create an ideal environment for addiction recovery. Located near the quiet community of Juno Beach, our resort-like campus provides comfortable surroundings to begin the lifelong quest for sobriety. Contact us today to explore more about what we offer.