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June 20, 2022

Families in Recovery

Addiction does not happen in a vacuum. Though someone with a substance use disorder may firmly believe they are only harming themselves, the heartbreaking reality is that their illness can erode trust and weaken communication among the people they love most.

Though it’s a relief when your loved one agrees to enter substance abuse treatment, that’s only the first step in a lifelong journey for you and your family. You will need some time and space to heal your wounds and understand how the disease of addiction has affected you.

Addiction’s Impact on Family Dynamics

Substance abuse affects families in multiple ways. You might blame yourself for your loved one’s problems, try to overcompensate by making excuses for them or believe you are the only one who can fix them.

When one or more family members have problems with drugs and alcohol, the resulting stress often leads to dysfunctional relationships and unhealthy coping mechanisms such as denial, deflection and emotional unavailability. It also shifts the roles family members play within the household, causing behaviors like enabling.

As an addiction progresses, the substance abuser’s dishonesty and inability to control their worst impulses will lead to arguments. Making matters worse, children who grow up surrounded by adults who drink or use drugs as a coping mechanism often go on to perpetuate the cycle of addiction.

The Value of Family Therapy

If your loved one is struggling with drugs or alcohol, you aren’t alone, no matter how isolated you might feel. In family therapy, you’ll start building the toolkit you need to support the goal of achieving lifelong sobriety. A counselor can teach you how to admit to the role you might have played in your loved one’s addiction and the resulting family tension.

In a family program, you will learn to recognize when you are being negative, insensitive or overly critical. Then, you can start setting healthy boundaries that hold the addicted person accountable for their behavior.

Beach House’s Family Program

Unfortunately, many families do not get the help they need because of the stigma addiction carries. However, we know family therapy is a successful pathway to long-term healing and recovery because we’ve seen it firsthand. We’ve designed our family programming to provide compassionate support to people who are struggling with the ripple effects of having an addicted loved one.

At Beach House, participation in our family program is free of charge to family members of alumni or current clients enrolled at our accredited substance abuse treatment facility. If your loved one has given you signed consent, you are eligible to participate in our two-day workshop  or wellness program.

In the process, you will gain the following benefits:

  • Learn why addiction is a chronic disease and why your loved one’s illness is not your fault
  • Understand the full continuum of care and the 12-step model
  • Receive support on your journey to improved health and wellness
  • Get coaching regarding healthy communications skills and other coping tools

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