Continuing Care

Aftercare Services for Sustained Recovery

Our continuing care services are for clients who have moved out of residential drug or alcohol treatment and have also graduated, or are preparing to graduate, from Beach House’s intensive outpatient rehab program. As a final segment in the full continuum of care we offer our clients, continuing care provides a more minimal but ongoing level of support to outgoing clients.

Like training wheels on a bike, these continuing care services lend graduating clients a sense of balance, support and existing connection to the Beach House family, so that clients can adjust more easily to their growing independence in a life that’s now addiction-free and retooled by people, purpose and passion.

Continuing care is part and parcel of our long-term investment in clients and the strong conviction that long-term treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction is critical to finding lasting freedom and sobriety. Indeed, research shows a strong connection between long-term drug and alcohol rehab and lower rates of relapse. Just one year of treatment, for example, dramatically reduces the likelihood of falling back into the clutches of a substance abuse problem.

In continuing care, clients have access to the following services:

Maintenance Therapy

We provide a minimum of three months of ongoing individual sessions, once a week, with an experienced therapist certified in one or more of the leading best practices for addiction prevention and treatment. These therapies can include:

  • Trauma-Informed Therapy, including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills, helps clients heal from the experiences of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that are often at the root of substance abuse. Our therapists teach clients DBT skills involving how to manage the painful emotions associated with a post-traumatic stress response, so that clients can successfully overcome this very common relapse trigger. In addition to these DBT skills, clients learn how to develop the following cognitive-behavioral tools through trauma-informed therapy: grounding skills, resource building, safe place work, and resiliency skills.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is another form of psychotherapy that, based on ongoing research into its comparative effectiveness next to other interventions, qualifies as a “best practice” in treating addiction. Our CBT-certified therapists work with clients to change the particular cognitive and behavioral patterns that feed their addiction to alcohol — and to replace them with healthier coping skills, in the way of alternative forms of thinking, relating and acting.
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a client-centered form of substance abuse counseling that seeks to facilitate positive change and a desire for change on the part of the client. Through motivational interviewing, our experienced therapists help gently steer clients towards freedom from addiction by encouraging greater self-awareness and a self-directed willingness to grow.

A future free from addiction is waiting at Beach House.

Medication Management

Clients who have benefited from medication-assisted treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction and/or co-occurring diagnosis like generalized anxiety or bipolar disorder (among other medical and psychiatric conditions), may receive ongoing supervision of their meds from our licensed medical team, including an on-site, addictions-certified psychiatrist.

Sober Living Environments (SLE’s)

Our rehab center provides outgoing clients with helpful advice and referrals to trusted sober living environments where they can live in community with others also in recovery. SLE’s serve as a temporary, interim environment between rehab and a return to former life. They provide the kind of loose structure of accountability and connection that many clients adapting to greater independence in their recovery need and crave.

Get Your Life Back

At Beach House Center for Recovery, we are fully committed to the long-term recovery of our clients. To learn more about our continuing care services, contact us today.