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Carly’s Angels
December 31, 2016

Carly’s Angels

For every fear that shakes your peace, for every night you feel alone, for every moment, you lose a little hope, there is an angel who whispers: “I am here.”
– Anonymous

Carly’s AngelsBoy, do I have a great angel story for you. It happened to me and, like all my stories, it’s a true one, too. This was right after my relapse, when I’d just gotten out of detox for the second (and last) time. Now it’s time to give honorable mention to those special angels who helped me turn my life around.

First of all, it must have been my guardian angel who connected me to my friend Nikki years ago, I like her a lot and she’s a naturally good-hearted person. Yet, we drifted apart as life and circumstances took its course. Then one day, she shows up out of nowhere, on my doorstep with a truly pathetic, mangy dog. Another Yorkie, just like my doggie that was stolen from me. This one was in such bad shape she’d been scheduled to be euthanized the next day.

Nikki, my angel of the moment, knew about my penchant for saving strays and brought this little orphan to me in a last-ditch effort. I already had a rescue dog and cat in the tiny apartment I shared with my mom. In all good conscience, I couldn’t commit to another. I was still hoping that my stolen dog would be found. But there she was, this mangy ragamuffin, wrapped in a blanket, held in Nikki’s outstretched arms. By the end of that evening, she was my new mission. Oh yes, my angels knew exactly what they were doing.

This precious doggie had non-contagious mange and she barely had any hair left. Her diagnosis was “failure to thrive”. She was so weak, she couldn’t move. Only her eyes would move, side to side, as things passed by her. She laid limply in my arms, wrapped in her blanket, lifeless except for those slow-moving eyes. The vet at the no-kill shelter had given up on her. She’d been returned after two previous adoptions and the mange condition would not improve. She wouldn’t eat or drink and had become unresponsive. Most of her life had been spent alone in her cage. No wonder she couldn’t thrive!

I turned to my mom, another angel in my life, for support in this decision. I know she was worried I’d get too attached and be devastated when the dog died. Although she never said so, she was, of course, afraid it could lead to another relapse. It definitely looked as though this waif would be going to doggie heaven soon. But, mom welcomed her into our already crowded family. I was a licensed health practitioner yet I didn’t know what to do for a little doggie. If the vets gave up, what more could I do?

Listening to the higher guidance of my inner angels, I decided to care for the dog as I would for a person. There was nothing to lose by trying. I slathered her in coconut oil for hours, then raw honey, and sometimes aloe vera. Always wrapped in a blanket, I held her in my arms constantly, even while sleeping. I made beef-bone broth and patiently fed it to her from a mini-syringe. One day later, she moved, just a bit. On the second day, she kissed me and became somewhat responsive. At the end of the week she ate a little bit of food, the kind you chew. Next step, the sores on her skin were gone. Another week and she was playing with my other dog, Donut.

To have helped end the suffering of another, swelled my heart more than anything ever. The divine timing of the healing angels was impeccable! I could go on for pages and still not express how deeply this affected me. Only another animal lover or a parent could understand. Myself, I was grateful to play a part in the process.

I understand why therapy dogs can be such a saving grace for any troubled soul. Every one of my rescue pets opened my heart and blessed me with unfailing love and gratitude. I watched my newest doggie heal, blossom and thrive. These precious four-footed angels can open one’s heart like nothing else on earth. All the goodness you give to them comes right back to you.

Rescuing pets may not be for everyone, but it is one awesome way to welcome an angel into your life. My little Yorkie is now over three years old. By the way, I named her “Angel”.

Angels help you pick up the necessary pieces of your life and leave the other ones behind”
– Unknown