Bio-Bed Sound Therapy

What is Bio-Bed Sound Therapy?

Bio-bed sound therapy, also called biosound therapy, is a relatively new treatment for substance use disorder and co-occurring conditions. This approach utilizes the power of the body’s sensory systems to achieve relaxation and distraction from physical and mental concerns.

During a bio-bed sound therapy session, a technician will instruct you to lay back on a specialized bed. Then, you will experience a combination of minor vibrations and binaural audio samples. The bio-bed’s vibrations stimulate different parts of the body in a predetermined set of patterns, while the binaural audio reinforces its effects.

The “sound” part of bio-bed sound therapy is especially important—the audio mimics theta and lo-alpha brain waves, which are present when a person feels particularly at ease. Together, these two sensory inputs sync, fostering stress reduction and symptom alleviation.

Our biofeedback services also include guided meditation, alternating audio frequencies, and visual stimulation, depending on the needs of the client.

Benefits of Biosound Therapy for Addiction

The combination of binaural beats and repetitive vibration induces a state of complete relaxation. This is a fast track to meditation and personal reflection. By taking control of your brain waves, you can slow your heart rate, reduce your cortisol levels, and find relief from hectic, racing thoughts. Additionally, some experience improved control over the physical reactions tied to strong emotions.

For many of our clients, this full-body experience represents a long-awaited release from the chaos of substance use disorder. When you are caught in the cycle of addiction, every day is unpredictable, and your fight-or-flight systems are continuously activated. Bio-bed sound therapy can help you realize that you are finally safe, which helps you to become more open to the lessons learned while in treatment. 

State-of-the-Art Florida Addiction Treatment Center

Bio-bed sound therapy is a hallmark of Beach House’s innovative therapeutic services. Our holistic approach combines cutting-edge techniques like biosound with evidence-based modalities. The result is a well-rounded treatment plan that addresses all facets of your health: your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. To learn more about bio-bed sound therapy, contact our admissions team.