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benefits of the beach
July 23, 2021

Benefits of the Beach

The beach provides a unique sensory experience that represents a refuge when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed. While shelter-in-place orders and activity restrictions during COVID-19 caused many people to put travel plans on hold, today’s widespread vaccine availability has made the idea of a relaxing beach getaway seem safer. What makes the beach a naturally therapeutic location?

Why Is the Beach Good for You?

For many of us, the word “vacation” automatically conjures a mental image of the beach – the soothing sound of the surf meeting the shore, the feel of the ocean breeze blowing through our hair, the sound of seagulls crying to each other and the warm sand beneath our feet. Being outdoors in the fresh air is calming and can reduce your stress levels. A series of recent studies also suggest that “blue spaces” such as the beach positively affect overall mental well-being.

People with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and ADHD can find some relief from their symptoms by walking along the beach or playing in the water. Going outside is also an opportunity to be more mindful and disconnect from the always-on culture enabled by smartphones and other digital devices. At the beach, you can unplug and unwind in a way few other destinations allow. 

Traveling for Your Recovery

People seeking addiction treatment often choose to travel to a facility in a different location. You may find many advantages in leaving your home city or state to enroll in drug or alcohol rehab.

One of the most frequent reasons our out-of-town clients cite for pursuing rehab away from home is the desire to put some distance between themselves and the distractions associated with their familiar surroundings. Away from home and negative influences, you can focus more fully on what you need to do to heal psychologically, physically and spiritually.

Consider these benefits of going to rehab in a different city or state.

  • The feeling of making a fresh start in new surroundings, which increases your chances of sticking with the rehab program
  • The ability to choose a therapeutic setting where you can commit to the recovery process
  • More opportunities to find the right blend of amenities and treatment approaches to suit your individual needs
  • The chance to separate yourself from negative influences and triggering situations, decreasing your likelihood of a relapse
  • The freedom to replace old habits with new, healthy ones
  • A physical departure between your former life and your new one

Advantages of Living at the Beach

We believe the beach is more than a fun vacation destination. That’s why we built our rehab enclave on a 5.3-mile stretch of pristine Palm Beach County shoreline. At Beach House, our secluded, resort-like beachfront campus allows you to participate in activities such as yoga, meditation or exercising outdoors in a beautiful, natural setting. 

Regardless of the season, the beach always offers breathtaking views and calming sea breezes. Doctors began recommending their patients “take the waters” hundreds of years ago, and there may well prove to be some scientific evidence to back up that wisdom. With a brief stroll on the beach, you can get your daily dose of vitamin D from the sun’s rays while enjoying all the sights and sounds of your surroundings.

Explore Our One-of-a-Kind Recovery Community

We founded Beach House in 2016 with the goal of creating America’s leading rehab facility for people struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. We are proud that Newsweek magazine recognized our efforts by naming us to their 2020 list of the best addiction centers in America. 

We believe that love and connection are the opposite of addiction, and that everyone deserves the opportunity to make a fresh start. To learn more about our amenities and verify your insurance coverage, please call us today