If you’re worried about your drinking or drug use, it may be a sign that you have a substance use disorder. Certain behavioral, physical, and emotional symptoms can help you to figure out whether you have crossed from frequent substance use into addiction.


Addiction Explained

Addiction is a national epidemic. It is considered a chronic, progressive condition, meaning that symptoms will worsen over time if left unaddressed. This disease affects your brain and behavior; over time, you may notice that your life has changed significantly to protect and preserve your substance use. Lying, spending large amounts of money, and drinking or using to escape physical or emotional pain become commonplace. Learning to identify the signs of addiction can help you know when it’s time to seek help.


Signs and Symptoms: Self-Test

Addiction creates changes in the brain, which means that you will behave differently. Over time, the reward system is rewired to seek drugs or alcohol.

If you’re concerned about your substance use, we recommend that you take our quick self-test below.

  1. Are you unable to control your substance use?
  2. Do you experience cravings for alcohol or drugs?
  3. Have you abandoned responsibilities or commitments?
  4. Do you feel guilty or ashamed of your substance use?
  5. Have you failed to meet standards at work or school?
  6. Do you turn to drugs or alcohol when you feel upset, depressed, or angry?
  7. Have you experienced changes in appearance, including significant weight loss?
  8. Are you unable to abstain from drugs or alcohol for days or weeks at a time?
  9. Has your substance use caused troubles with the law, such as DUIs or arrests?
  10. Do you misuse prescription drugs, forge scripts, or visit multiple doctors for prescriptions?
  11. Do you drink or use drugs alone?
  12. Do you lie about your substance use?
  13. Have you lost your job because of drinking or drugs?
  14. Do you often feel preoccupied by thoughts of drugs and alcohol?
  15. Have friends, co-workers, or family members complained about your behavior?
  16. Has your substance use caused friction in your relationships?
  17. Do you experience withdrawal symptoms when you don’t drink or use?
  18. Have you developed a tolerance (needing more of a substance to feel the same effects)?
  19. Do you engage in risky behavior (driving under the influence, sharing needles, stealing)?
  20. Have you tried to cut back or stop your substance use?


Help for Addiction

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, there is hope.

At Beach House, we know how to help you recover. Our team of addiction specialists provides a comprehensive, immersive therapeutic experience for each client. Through a combination of individual and group sessions, proven therapies, and the healing environment of Juno Beach, countless individuals have found lasting recovery at Beach House Center for Recovery. Begin your journey today by calling (855) 935-2871 or contacting us online. Our team is standing by to speak with you 24/7.