A Change of Scenery: Change Your Environment for Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a disease perpetuated by a variety of factors, many of them environmental. It is nearly impossible to leave drugs and alcohol behind when you change nothing else about your lifestyle. By enrolling in a treatment center like Beach House, you can escape the pressures of your daily life and commit yourself wholly to recovery.

Stressors and Triggers

We believe that individuals must remove themselves from environmental stressors and triggers that distract from the healing process. At home, there are emotional and relationship triggers and stressors that can’t be temporarily silenced for the duration of one’s treatment – problems will not just go away because a person is trying to better themselves. There also may be toxic relationships influencing an individual, including:

  • Enablers
  • Drug dealers
  • Dysfunctional families
  • Friends who urge you to use

While at home, there are also stressors unrelated to one’s relationships with friends and family members. Those who suffer from addiction are often plagued by financial troubles and problems at work. Continuing to bear these burdens can negatively influence a person, hindering their ability to fully commit to recovery.

Heal in an environment of medical and clinical excellence.

Focus on Healing

For thousands of years, people have turned to the sea air as a source of healing and comfort. Today we know the reason why it is effective. Neuroscientists credit the negative ions in sea air with changing the frequency of brainwaves, providing a meditative state. These ions are also said to enhance clarity and creativity by stimulating the brain. Beyond the neural benefits, spending time on the beach allows individuals to gain a new perspective on life while fully relaxing. The endless crashing of waves, countless grains of sand, and infinite horizon all provide an opportunity for reflection and meditation.

Find Your Escape

At Beach House, we combine the restorative influence of a beachside vacation with evidence-based practices that get results. Our highly trained clinical team will guide you through the healing process, providing an outcome of lasting freedom from drugs and alcohol. If you would like to experience the Beach House difference, contact us today.