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new year, new you
December 28, 2020

5 Things to Look Forward to in 2021

After one of the most turbulent years in recent history, most of us would probably say any shift toward normalcy is the thing we’re most looking forward to in the year ahead. Ideally, the things you’ve had to put on hold in 2020 – in-person get-togethers, live entertainment, vacations, dining out – will all be able to make a comeback in 2021. But the brand-new year to come might hold even more promise than a lifting of the heavy emotional weight the pandemic has heaped on our shoulders. Here’s a look ahead at some things that should make 2021 a bright and hopeful year.

1. Effective COVID-19 Vaccines

By far the most highly anticipated event of 2021 is the nationwide rollout of a vaccine. The widespread availability of two reliable vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna should finally help turn the tide of the pandemic. Though essential workers like health care professionals, first responders and teachers will be first in line to get their shots – followed by high-risk populations like nursing home residents – most experts estimate the average American will be able to get vaccinated over the spring and summer.

2. A Glimpse Into Distant Galaxies

Next year may give us new scientific breakthroughs in the form of the new James Webb Space Telescope, expected to launch in October 2021 after decades of setbacks and delays. If all goes according to plan, the powerful infrared telescope will be able to look farther into deep space than any other such instrument in history, giving humanity new insights into the birth of many stars, nebulas and galaxies. The ability to learn so much about our universe’s history should give us much-needed perspective on the origins of life.

3. The Return of Live Entertainment and Cultural Events

Getting closer to the goal of “herd immunity” to the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 should make it safe to attend crowded events again. Broadway plays, the Summer Olympics, the Eurovision Song Contest and the 50th anniversary of the Glastonbury Music Festival – all postponed in 2020 – are planning triumphant comebacks in 2021, and a renewed enthusiasm to get out and celebrate after a year in isolation should make these events bigger and better than ever.

4. An Overall Return to Normalcy

In our efforts to halt the spread of illness, many of us have been unable to see loved ones in the past year. Getting vaccinated should give us the peace of mind to gather with friends and family, eat in restaurants, go to the movies, travel and shop in any store with the peace of mind that we aren’t putting vulnerable members of our communities at risk. After a year of anxiety and self-seclusion, it will feel like a refreshing change of pace to be able to resume these enjoyable activities.

5. A Renewed Sense of Optimism

After a year that left many of us emotionally battered and bruised, having a glass-half-full outlook will benefit our physical and mental well-being. In many ways, 2021 should feel like a fresh start. Even Pantone’s colors of the year evoke cheerfulness, optimism and positive energy.

New Year, New You

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