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January 4, 2021

5 Things to Know About Drug Detox

If you’re researching treatment options that will give you the tools to get healthy and break the cycle of addiction, you need realistic expectations for what the rehab journey looks like. The first thing you should know is that drug detox builds the foundation for any successful recovery process. That’s why accredited drug and alcohol programs like Beach House include on-site detox as the first step in the continuum of care. 

What Is Detoxification?

Removing all harmful substances from your body and brain is a crucial step in healing from an addiction. Indeed, it’s so essential that you won’t be able to progress in your recovery program until you complete medically supervised detox. 

Addiction treatment professionals have learned from years of experience that it’s ineffective to begin counseling for substance abuse while years of accumulated toxins are still coursing through a client’s system. Professionally managed withdrawal from one or more addictive drugs will help you get clean before you move into your next phase of treatment.

Though drug detox is a vital part of the rehab process, there are many misconceptions about what it entails and why everyone with a substance use disorder needs to undergo it. In this post, we’ll separate fact from fiction and help shed light on everything you should know about detox.

1. Drug Detox Takes Place in a Clinical Setting

When you start your detox process, you’ll have access to 24/7 supervision and monitoring from medical professionals with specific training in how to handle the physical and mental symptoms associated with withdrawal. At Beach House, we have also built a compassionate culture that treats each client as a person deserving of love and respect. We know that your disease doesn’t define you, and we will care for you like a family member.

2. Therapy After Detox Is Essential to Avoid Relapsing

Returning to substance abuse after undergoing detox and treatment is dangerous, and could even lead to an accidental overdose. Once you complete a full rehab program, your body and mind will be free of toxic chemicals for the first time in years. Re-introducing drugs to your system at that point will be hazardous, as you will no longer have a tolerance for those substances. In counseling, your therapist will help you address the root causes of your addiction. They will also teach you the skills to help you recognize and manage triggers, so you can avoid a relapse. 

3. Medication-Assisted Treatment Is Available

The withdrawal process can be extremely uncomfortable. Anxiety, insomnia and depression are common withdrawal symptoms. In some cases, withdrawing from drugs and alcohol can also cause physical pain, in addition to nausea, chills and tremors. When you undergo medically managed drug detox, your treatment team will carefully administer evidence-based medications, as necessary, to help curb your cravings and ease the worst of your symptoms. Medication-assisted treatment represents a more humane, sympathetic departure from the cold-turkey approaches used in the past. 

4. Medical Professionals Will Respect Your Privacy

Some people undergoing drug detox might exhibit some uncharacteristic or erratic behaviors. You could say or do things that would never ordinarily cross your mind. At Beach House, our treatment team adheres diligently to HIPAA privacy regulations. Anything that happens at our detox facility will remain confidential and discreet. 

5. Detox Duration Can Vary

You may have heard drug detox takes several days. Realistically, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to the process. Some substances take longer to clear from your brain and body, depending on factors such as your age, weight, the types of drugs you used and for how long. Rest assured that your treatment team will clear you to leave detox and progress to your next phase of residential substance use treatment as soon as they feel confident you’re ready to do so.

Clinically Excellent Addiction Recovery in Florida

If you’re looking to enroll in a substance abuse rehab program, it’s essential to understand that not all facilities are equal. Beach House earned a spot on Newsweek’s list of the nation’s top addiction treatment centers because our distinctive approach to care sets us head and shoulders above others in this wellness-focused industry. To learn more about recovering in our serene beachfront environment, please contact us today