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April 4, 2019

5 Key Reasons to Stay Sober

When you are trying to get sober and maintain a life of sobriety, it can be difficult to keep the many reasons to stay sober at the forefront of your mind. Maintaining a sober lifestyle after attending an inpatient rehab program requires commitment and dedication every single day. When you are at your lowest, that is the most important time to remember why it was important to quit using and change your life for the better. There are certainly many more than just five key reasons to stay sober, but below are five important reasons to maintain your sobriety.

5 Key Reasons to Stay Sober

Using will not fix any of your problems, it will only create more.

When you’re sober, it can be tempting to convince yourself that using will solve the problems or issues you may be encountering. The exact opposite is true. It may feel like a temporary solution, but using will only create more problems that you will have to face, in addition to the problems you are already dealing with.

For anyone in life, there are going to be trials and tribulations that you are going to have to face and though you may be tempted to turn to a substance you once relied on to help you forget your problems. Unfortunately, it won’t fix your problems, it will only compound and worsen them. You worked hard to achieve your sobriety and you could throw it away in a second. At that moment, when you are feeling your weakest, it is more important than ever to choose sobriety and deal with your problems head-on so that you can move past them.

You’ve dedicated time and effort to achieving sobriety.

Pulling yourself out of the cycle of addiction and seeking the help you need to achieve sobriety can be extremely difficult. We understand it takes significant resolve and commitment to maintain a sober lifestyle. When you’re tempted to endanger your sobriety, remember all of the hard work that you put in to get sober in the first place and how much time and effort it took to get to where you are today. Do you want to throw everything you’ve worked for away and start back over? Of course not.

Using may seem like the most appealing option, but think of it in the long-term instead of in the short-term. If you use, will it really help to make any of the issues you are facing more manageable? The answer is likely no. It can be tempting to fall back into the cycle of addiction when you are faced with a stressful situation as a coping mechanism. At that moment, step back and think of all of the work and time you have put into achieving your sobriety and then take the steps you need to in order to maintain your sobriety.

Your sobriety affects your loved ones as well as you and they want you to stay sober.

To maintain sobriety, it’s important to have the internal resolve to choose not to fall back into the cycle of addiction, but it’s also useful to think about all of the people who are also invested in your sobriety. These are the people who truly care about you and want to see you clean and healthy. If you are struggling to stay sober for yourself, think of your loved ones and the effect that your addiction has on their life. When you are sober, you can be more present and aware of your interactions with them. Your loved ones want to see you healthy and sober, so in times of doubt, think of them.

Maintaining an addiction can be tiring and all-consuming.

When you’re tempted to use, think about how tiring maintaining your addiction was. Addiction can be extremely expensive and can become the sole focus on your life. You often spend all your time thinking about the next time you are going to use, how you are going to hide your addiction from your loved ones, how you to going to ward off withdrawal symptoms, and so much more. Being sober can help make your life much simpler and give you the freedom to channel that energy into positive things instead.

You are giving yourself a chance to follow your dreams and live the life you want to.

When you choose sobriety, you open up a world of possibilities and give yourself the opportunity to take the steps you need to achieve your goals. It may not happen overnight, but sobriety gives you the opportunity and hope for your future.

Just remember, happiness after addiction is possible as long as you stay clean and sober. Whether it’s drinking alcohol or another type of substance abuse, the only way you can keep a sober life is if you abstain completely. Work to avoid relapse by reminding yourself these top 5 reasons for staying sober.