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December 21, 2018

10 Songs About Addiction

If you’ve recently made the decision to get clean and sober, congratulations. We know that this can be a difficult process. Addiction is a disease that many people suffer from, and getting help is not always easy.

To help inspire you during this time of recovery, we’ve put together a list of 10 of the most iconic songs about addiction. We hope that these songs assist you during your time of need, and remind you that a sober life is possible. We know that you’ll find these songs comforting, and the beats, melodies, and lyrics will captivate you.

Before you go through this list, it’s important to understand that there are literally thousands of songs that detail the idea of sobriety and the process of getting sober. Songs are presented in different ways—fast, slow, upbeat, sad, etc. Find a song that resonates with you and your feelings, which will help ensure you get the most from the song while recovering. Therefore, if you don’t like any of the songs listed below, have faith that there are plenty more out there.

Recover—Natasha Bedingfield

This slow pop song talks about pain, scars, and how an individual fights to survive. Throughout this entire song, Bedingfield sings that recovery is possible, that people do recover from drug addiction, survive, and move on in life. This is a great song for anyone needing some inspiration to better their lives.

Not an Addict—K’s Choice

This song helps to detail whether or not someone is suffering from addiction, the struggle that can pursue, and the various highs and lows associated with alcohol and drug abuse.


A hit song for Pink, this song is about the various vices people choose to use and abuse, including alcohol. Interestingly enough, Pink gave up all drugs in 1995.

Starting Over—Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

This song talks about recovery, as well as relapse. As most in recovery know, relapse is often a part of long-term recovery, and this song tells the story of the artist’s battle.

Sober—Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson uses the idea of sobriety as a metaphor for a relationship. She sings about how hard battles can be, but each day is a new day to grow and get better.

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Breaking the Habit—Linkin Park

This song details the real battle of a friend’s substance abuse issues, which many of the band members related to. Reportedly, the song has been difficult to perform, with the lead singer admitting to breaking down at times while on stage.

Straight Lines—Silverchair

This song is about feeling alone in the world, yet still being able to make it through tough times and make it out on the other side. This song is a true account of the singer’s struggle with many different addictions, and how he learned to recover and find sobriety.

Under the Bridge—Red Hot Chili Peppers

This song talks about the loneliness of addiction and how difficult the struggle can be for anyone. This song turned out to be very popular and a huge hit for the band. Better yet, though, it has helped many different people cope with their addictions.

Rehab—Amy Winehouse

A huge hit for Amy Winehouse, this song was both critically successful, as well as popular with fans. Though this song takes a different approach to recovery and sobriety—with the singer refusing to get help—anyone can see (or hear) how the process is difficult. Unfortunately, Winehouse died in 2011 from accidental alcohol poisoning. However, her song lives on, hopefully, to help make people want to get help.

The Girl You Lost to Cocaine—Sia

This song title is pretty clear. Interestingly enough, this song came out before the singer got sober. Specifically, the song details a very toxic relationship with a partner that chooses to drink

and use drugs—cocaine—over the singer. The song expresses how she has chosen to finally walk away from the drama.

Find a Song for You

Of course, there are plenty of other songs—perhaps even better ones—that also detail sobriety and inspire the process of recovery and getting help. For example, Everything by BuckCherry, Hate Me by Blue October, and Just Like a Pill by Pink are all songs (consider them part of a bonus list) that were not only extremely popular and successful but also inspiring to many fans.

The most important takeaway of this article is to find a song that works for you and your needs. Further, try to find a song in the genre of music you enjoy the most. Are you a fan of country music? Pop? Rap? Regardless of the type of music you like, you should have no trouble finding a song to match your needs and preference.

If you’ve found this article, then there is a pretty good chance that you are in the process of getting clean and sober, or need some inspiration to stay sober. Know that you are not alone in your battle with drugs and alcohol abuse. If you need help, you can find it here with Beach House. We are here to support you through this process and set you up for success on your road to recovery.